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May 2, 2021Retrospective2021 Challenge Thoughts.
March 28, 2021A-Z Challenge 2021Getting ready for the 5th year
May 10, 2020A-Z Challenge - 2020 - ReflectionNot a great A to Z Challenge year
April 12, 2020A-Z Challenge - 2020A Late Start to the A-Z Challenge.
June 23, 2019Julie Leach Fake AccountsEmpty
May 5, 2019A-Z Challenge - 2019 - ReflectionWhat I learned with this years challenge
March 31, 2019A-Z Challenge - 2019Blogging Challenge is back for 2019
March 11, 2018Evernote Planner for the 2018 ChallengeEvernote Document can help you plan your Blog Post
August 22, 2017Clancy's (Dennisport)Empty
May 8, 2016A to Z ReflectionsEmpty