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A-Z Challenge - 2019 - Reflection

What I learned with this years challenge

This year's A to Z challenge started off promising but fell off because some of the letters were difficult for the various daily topics.

Overall it was a good month. I learned a lot about various things that I wouldn't have had I not done the challenge.

Five Things I learned

  • As much as I wanted to get the content out early, it wasn't always possible. There were too many distractions.
  • Some content that I had planned was scrapped because it wasn't interesting enough.
  • The content was pretty bad since I didn't get as many comments as last year.
  • I did enjoy trying to find quality content for the letters. The topic of jQuery made things pretty difficult. I think next year I'll stick to known topics.
  • Towards the end it wasn't as fun and this year. I actually was excited when the challenge was over.

Four Favorite Posts in April

These are my favorite post from this year A to Z challenge.