Keyboard Maestro Tips and Tricks

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December 22, 2021Shuffle Filter System ClipboardAdd Shuffle to your Clipboard Content
December 15, 2021Backup USB itemsUse Keyboard Maestro to auto backup USB drive
December 8, 2021Keyboard Maestro Copy File Quick way to copy files from a USB device
December 1, 2021Time Zone ConvertEasy way to convert a time to different time zones.
February 26, 2019Reset Clipboard History in Keyboard MaestroPaste your content and rollback the clipboard using Keyboard Maestro
February 19, 2019Hide Multiple Browsers BookmarksUsing Keyboard Maestro it is easy to perform actions with multiple applications
February 12, 2019Adding Excel Date Shortcut EverywhereEasily add Excel insert date in any application
February 5, 2019Keyboard Maestro Keyboard Shortcut EnhancerUse Keyboard Maestro to match common short cuts between applications
August 28, 2018Keyboard Maestro and LaunchBar Clipboard ManagementUse both Keyboard Maestro and LaunchBar Clipboard Managers
August 21, 2018AppleScript iTerm2Creating a Macro for iTerm2
August 14, 2018MultiMarkdown UtilityEasy way to convert Markdown to HTML
August 7, 2018Trigger Macro by NameTrigger Macro by Name to activate Macros
July 31, 2018Recent Activity Smart GroupCreate a recent activity smart group to find your recent triggered macros
July 24, 2018Clipboard URL TrackingReuse URL in the System Clipboard
July 17, 2018Date Conditions with MacrosUse Keyboard Maestro to add a condition to display different text per day
July 10, 2018Execute Shell ScriptEmpty
July 3, 2018Application SwitcherKeyboard Maestro Application Switcher Shortcuts
June 26, 2018BBEdit TextFactory in Keyboard MaestroUse the power of BBEdit in Keyboard Maestro
June 19, 2018Quick Way to Add Actions in Keyboard MaestroUsing the Insert Action By Name is the easy way to add Actions
June 12, 2018Smart Groups in Keyboard MaestroCool use of Smart Groups in Keyboard Maestro
June 5, 2018Keyboard Maestro Macro LibraryGreat resources on how to get the most out of Keyboard Maestro
May 29, 2018Milliseconds to Seconds ConverterQuickly calculate Milliseconds to Seconds
May 22, 2018Random KeywordCreate a Random Keyword using Keyword Maestro
May 15, 2018Simple Date CalculationUsing Keyboard Maestro to display upcoming release information.
May 8, 2018Slack Based GreetingAlways know the proper greetings in Slack
May 1, 2018Adding Keyboard Short to hide Firefox Bookmark Bar Using Keyboard Maestro to hide that Bookmark Bar in Firefox
February 6, 2018Keyboard Maestro ControlExpand the capabilities of Keyboard Maestro actions to your iPhone
January 30, 2018Add Hyperlink to Clipboard ContentKeyboard Maestro makes it easy to edit Clipboard content
January 23, 2018Clipboard History SwitcherKeyboard Maestro vs LaunchBar Clipboard History Switcher
January 16, 2018Computer External IP AddressSimple macro to display the computers external IP address
January 9, 2018Evernote Cleanup MacroKeyboard Maestro
January 2, 2018Keyboard Maestro Application SwitcherKeyboard Maestro Application Switcher is much better than Apple Application Switcher
December 15, 2017Keyboard Maestro Browser VersionUsing Keyboard Maestro to get the browser version
December 1, 2017Headless Chrome and Keyboard MaestroCool trick using Headless Chrome and Keyboard Maestro Cron
October 27, 2017Keyboard Maestro Global Macro PaletteUsing Keyboard Maestro Global Macro Palette in iTerm
September 29, 2017Keyboard Maestro Date Formatting Simple conversion guide on using the Date format for those more familiar with Text Expander
December 17, 2016TidBits #259 Back in 1995, Peter Lewis has a cool invention with printer paper
July 29, 2016Apple Keyboard with Numeric KeypadUse Keyboard Maestro to assign actions to the F Keys