January 2, 2018

Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher

Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher is much better than Apple Application Switcher

Apple's Application switcher is pretty cool, using Command-Tab users can quickly navigate to any open application. This is a fast way to switch around applications.

Keyboard Maestro takes it one step further. You have a lot more control. You can decide what applications that show up and the look and feel of the Application Switcher.

K M Switcher

Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher

Basically Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher gives you an extended Dock.

Macintosh users put applications in the Dock because they use the app a lot. They don't want to have to keep going to the Application folder to open up the app over and over. With Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher, you can add the application to the switcher. This helps declutter the Dock.

This is very useful for those applications where you don't need to drag and drop a document to open it for the first time.

How to Enable the Application Switcher

The Application Switcher is enabled as one of the Macros that you set up. Which is pretty cool because you can have multiple Application Switchers set up with different hotkeys. So you could have one set up for Internet Applications and other Application Switcher for the Graphics Applications.

Application Switcher Dialog

There's lots of information about the Application Switcher on Keyboard Maestro help site.

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