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Quickly add an Emoji to your Comments

In 2019, Jira switched from MediaWiki to Markdown, removing shortcuts for the green checkmark and red X emojis. (See my old Jira new Comment Field) for details - Created March 18, 2019. )

Recently, Atlassian added an emoji picker shortcut. Type ":" and scroll down to choose the emoji. Frequently used emojis appear at the top for easy access.

I created a simple Keyboard Maestro macro to insert the checkmark emoji and add text to Jira comments, making it easy to indicate feature validation.

Example in Action:

Keyboard Maestro- Jira 2024

Keyboard Maestro Macro

This is a screen shot of the Macro:

Jira Testing 2024

The pause for 1 second is needed because the macro runs much quicker than Jira's response.



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