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Display Month Name

Quickly type out any month name

Boost your typing efficiency with Keyboard Maestro! No more wasting time spelling out month names. This handy macro automatically inserts the current month's full name whenever you activate it.

Here's my Display Month Name Macro:

K M Display Month

Four Things To Note:

In this Macro, I use multiple shortcuts to execute the same Macro. 1 through 12 -> I type in the m. and then the month that I want to display and then a space.

The Macro set the Trigger value (m.6) to a variable, then GREP the Trigger name for the month. So I just get the number.

Then I use UNIX date/time command to get the full month name. (You may notice that 2017 in the year, that doesn't matter.)

The resulting text is typed out.

Display Month Detail

In Summary

I can easily change the month name format by changing the last command and it will impact all the macro shortcuts - no need to repeat the tast multiple time.

Keyboard Maestro offers a wide range of automation tools to streamline your workflow. This is just a small example of its capabilities. Explore Keyboard Maestro to discover how it can save you time and effort on repetitive tasks.



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