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Framingham Blog Posts

Framingham is a city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Every Tuesday I'll highlight something special about the city.

Framingham Blog Posts

Framingham is a city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Every Tuesday I'll highlight something special about the city.

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August 12, 2021

Framingham Dog Park

Framingham will soon get a doggy park!

After many years of residents requesting a place for their pups to play, a park for dogs is coming in 2022.

Location of the Park

The Framingham dog park will be located in a strip of open land next to Farm Pond. Specifically its directly across from the Longs Athletic Complex.

Fram Bark Location

Features of the Dog Park

Some features of the park:

  • Fence in area so the dogs can roam freely.
  • Separate fence area for smaller dogs.
  • Play equipment in both areas - ramps, hoops, agility poles and more.
  • Shaded area for dogs to cool off on hot days.
  • Permeable surface so paws don't get hurt
  • Water for Dogs and their humans.
  • Special design lock system to prevent dogs from escaping.

The park is being designed by Radner Design Associates

Who's Paying for it?

The site is expected to cost around $262,000. About 90% of the construction cost will be covered by the Stanton Foundation Grant

In order to qualify for the grant the remaining 10% must come from the City of Framingham.

Opening Spring 2022

The planning committee hopes to welcome dogs in the Spring of 2022. Watch for more announcements and the grand opening celebration.

Learn More about the Movement

If you want to learn more, join the FramBark Facebook group. Additional information can be found on the City of Framingham website.

August 5, 2021

Framingham Birthday

The town of Framingham's official birthday is June 25th, 1700. The town is 321 years old. On January 1st, 2018 it became a city - 3 years old.

Nearby towns incorporations:

SudburySeptember 4, 1639381 years
Sherborn October 7, 1674346 years
Southborough July 17, 1727294 years
Wayland April 10, 1780241 years
Natick February 19, 1781240 years
Ashland August 13, 1846 174 years

Downtown Framingham2021

Fun Facts About Framingham in 2021

According to a 2019 survey, an estimated 74,416 people live in the city of Framingham. Updated numbers from last year's census won't be released until some time mid-August.

In 2020, there were 41,685 registered voters. 77.29% voted in the last president's election.

Framingham is the home to over 2,200 businesses with over 45,000 jobs and $3.1 billion in payroll, Framingham is one of the 33 Massachusetts communities to be rated Platinum the highest rating for readiness for biotech development.

In 2019, Average household income was $82,709. The Massachusetts average household income was $81,215. The United States' average household income is $61,372. (2017 numbers)

In 2014, Framingham was ranked the 4th Nerdiest City in America. (Bustle) Loosing to Oakland, California, Silicon Valley, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In the summer of 2021, the housing market is very hot. According to Redfin, 32% of homes accept an offer within a week.

July 29, 2021

Geocaching in Framingham

People love to visit Cushing Memorial Park in Framingham. It's a fun place to walk around and enjoy the great outdoors. For kids, there's a playground. fun places to ride their bikes, and lots of open space to run around or fly a kite.

Did you know there's a treasure in Cushing Memorial Park? No, not buried treasure.

The treasure is place by people participating in Geocaching - the world's larges treasure hunt.

Framingham Cushing Desktop
Framingham Cushing Mobile

What is Geocaching

If you're new to the concept of geocaching, think of it as a giant treasure hunt. Players stash goodies in publicly accessible outdoor locations, then post the GPS coordinates of these prizes on Geocaching.com. When other players find these hidden gems, they post their victory on the site's forums and then put the prize back for others to locate in turn.

Geocaching in Framingham

As of today, there are 26 geocaches in Framingham and 16 of those are places in the vicinity of Cushing Memorial Park. That's a lot is a lot considering one of the rules of placing geocache:

Geocache containers and physical stages of different geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart.

A physical stage is any object placed by the cache owner, such as a container or a tag.

Five Things We Learned

Some of the things we learned, without giving any clues to the location of the geocaches.

  • The geocaches are spread out through the park. It's fun to watch the kids try to find them based on vague hints and generic map locations.
  • None of the geocaches are buried - as per rule.
  • Some of the geocaches have places to jot down your name in a log. Bring a fine pen to write down your name.
  • A few of the geocaches have small trinkets. You can take one and leave small tchotchke for the next treasure hunter. Tchotchkes can be found at the dollar store.
  • Some of the geocaches are very well designed and really hard to find. Don't be discorage if you don't find it!

Fun Time at Cushing!

It will take about 45-minutes to find the geocache in the park. This is based on the complexity of the treasure hunt and the distance between the locations.

July 22, 2021

Frederick P. Stearns

As you drive down Winter Street in Framingham, you'll see a large sign in front of the waterfall. This is the DCA sign letting people know that this is the Frederick Stearns Reservoir.

Mr. Frederick Stearns did valuable work in connection with securing a water supply from the Sudbury River and later as chief engineer, supervised the construction of a tunnel under Dorchester Bay and reservoir on Moon Island.

Under the leadership of Frederic Stearns, the Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Water Board, it was decided that the new water source should be gravity-operated and not require filtratio

Frederick Stearns Reservoir

Some Fun Facts I Learned About Frederick Stearns

Born on November 11, 1851 in Calais, Maine and move to the Boston area with his parents when he was 18

Full name is Frederic Pike Stearns.

Married Addie C. Richardson of Framingham in 1872.

From 1865 to 1907 he was the chief engineer of the Massachusetts Water Works.

He was the consulting engineer for the Charles River Commission. (1903 - 1910)

In 1905, he was a member of the Board of Consulting Engineerings of the Panama Canal. He was one of three experts engineers to advise President-Elect Taft on the Canal problems.

He had two sons Herbert R Stearns and Ralph H. Stearns.

Frederic Pike Stearns Monday December 1, 1919 he was 68 years old.

July 15, 2021

Framingham Recycle Center

Couple of notable things at the Framingham Recycling Center. It cost Framingham residents $20 a year to use the facilities - might as well get the most of your money!

Framingham Metal Collection

Metal Recycling

It costs nothing to dispose of any metal that you have. So if there's something in your basement or garage that might - and your not going to use it any time soon - recycle it. Here are just some of the things I saw at the recycling center:

  • Deck Chairs
  • Window frames
  • Grills
  • Beach Chairs
  • Trampoline
  • Lawn motor
  • Scott's Lawn spreader
  • Metal Shelves

Discoverbooks Framingham

Books Recycling

Last year we tried to donate a few shopping bags full of books. We couldn't find a place. I did notice that the center has a couple of bins to recycle books.

Note: before recycling any old books check eBay.com to see if they are valuable.

DiscoverBooks.com has a couple of drop off bins for books. This is the only place around Framingham where we could find a place to drop off books.

Books that are left in these bins may get sold on their website or they may get donated to local libraries.

You can read more about Discoverbooks.com services.

July 8, 2021

1872 Map

Last year when I was in the Boston Public Library I found a book on the history of Framingham.

Someone placed some maps inside the book. It doesn't look like that they were supposed to be included in the book.

The one map I thought was most interesting was the map of Framingham from 1872:

Click on image for a larger version.

The quality of the map isn't all that good. The next time I am at the Boston Public Library, I'll get a better copy.

July 1, 2021

COVID-19 Update

It's been a while since I posted about COVID-19. Things are much better and most restaurants are now fully open for indoor seating.

Just because the COVID-19 numbers are down, it doesn't mean that it's ok to go back to normal. People should stay vigilant against COVID-19.

Framingham Covid19

Interesting COVID-19 Facts

City of Framingham COVID Numbers: 8,352 Cases, 250 Deaths, & 83 Active Cases

Framingham currently has about 74,500 residents.

June 12 was the first time that Framingham reported zero COVI-19 cases.

April 2, 2021, was the last time Framingham was in the red (High-Risk Zone)

March 26, 2020 was the first reported COVID-19 fatality.

September 6, 2020

Framingham Red

According to the Massachusetts Department of Health statistical numbers, Framingham is one of nine cities in Massachusetts to have a large number of COVID-19 cases.

Framingham has been classified as Red since August 24th. The Average Daily Incidence of Rat per 100,000 is 10.9.

To be in red, the Average daily case rate over the last 14 days: 8 cases per 100,000 population. To be in yellow, the Average daily case rate over the last 14 days: 4-8 cases per 100,000 population.

This means that have to drop at least 3 percentage points in the 14-day Average Incidence rate.

What's Red Mean?

Schools, public and private are not allowed to hold in classroom learning. Schools can only hold 15% of their maximum capacity. Saint Bridget School and Keefe Tech had both plans on opening with in-classroom learning. Both schools had to shift to remote start.

Schools are not allowed to go to full in-classroom learning until Framingham is at least yellow for two consecutive weeks.

There are no changes for businesses or churches at this time.

Framingham's Response

This is the second week in a row that the city of Framingham has been in the Red. The First time Framingham went red, Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer took to Twitter to spread the word:

This is the followup Tweet when Framingham made the listed for the second week in a row:

There hasn't been any other notable differences in actions.

May 24, 2020

Saint Bridget School Variety Show

In these crazy times it's nice to see that there are some schools doing things to keep the student body connected.

At Framingham's Saint Bridget School, the students and faculty recently participated in a variety show. This event had a great turn out and featured some talented acts.

This event, among others, is helping bring together students in these challenging times.

S B S Variety Show
Watch Now

Check out the variety show

Check out the Variety Show on YouTube.com.

March 31, 2020

Boston Mile Marker in Framingham

Near the Minuteman Statue, at the corner of Union Ave and Main Street, is an Old Stone Mile Marker. This tells you how far away from Boston you are.

Stone Mile Marker

Five Things I Learned

There are 40 markers throughout the Boston Area and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At one time there were at least 99 that once existed.

These markers trace back to the early days of the country and were placed by the Massachusetts Council Order in 1767. They were used to help people navigate their way to Boston.

In 2015, the MassDOT restored 29 the old Stone Mile Markers the project was completed in 2018. The stones were restored were the original stones as the preservation work was done to the strict standards of the Interior's Standards for Preservation.

The mile market at this location reads: "23 miles from Boston 1768"

You can find all sorts of information on the National Register of Historic Places on their website.

Close up

23 Miles From Boston

A closer look at the Stone Marker, you can make out the letters. Keep in mind that this is 252 years old!