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Hanson Farm

Hansons Farm2

In the early days of Framingham, there were many farms all over the town. There were so many that every year there was an agricultural fair where farmers could showcase thier crops.

According to the current Framingham town records,, there are now two active farms in the town of Framingham. The town remaining farms are Hansons Farm and Stearns Farm. The two farms are practically neighbors located near Callahan State Park.

The two farms are on land that was once part of Danforth Farms - the first farm of Framingham.

Hansons Farm Pumpkin Picking

Last month we took a ride over to Hanson's Farm to get some pumpkins. Usually we venture over to Stow and get some pumpkins at Derby Ridge Farm or Shelburne Farm.

We were lucky that there weren't that many people at the farm. We parked across the street and walked over to the farm stand.

Bring your Camera and Creativity

In front of the farm stand there are all sorts of fall displays - perfect as a background for fall pictures. There was an old tractor where kids can pretend they are riding it while Mom and Dad take pictures.

At the pumpkin patch, there is a large field with the Callahan State Park in the background. This is a great place to take fall pictures. Occasionally you'll see

At the first pumpkin patch is an oversize pumpkin where kids can go in and parents can take a picture to remember the day. Come back every year and you can see how much the kids have grown.

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch is a short walk from the farm stand to the field with all sorts of Pumpkins. Make sure to bring one of the red wagons - you'll need it.

There are a lot of pumpkins to select from. We found that it was best to keep the red wagon in the middle of the field until we found the perfect pumpkin.

In 2016, the pumpkins cost $.69 a pound. They had Cheese, Large, Cinderella, Goosebump, Mini and Batwing Pumpkins. You could buy quality Cornstalks, Hay bales and Indian Corn for awesome home fall displays.

Hansons Field

Fun Facts that I learned about the Hansons Farm

  • Hanson's Farm is a 5th Generation Farm located at 20 Nixon Rd. in Framingham, Mass. They grow 52 acres of Fruit and Vegetables and over 100 acres of Hay.
  • The actual farm building is on 23.19 acres, but the Hanson Family owns a lot of the surrounding land.
  • Open since 1913 (When it became Hansons Farm, prior to that it was known as Child's Family Farm)
  • According to the Framingham town records, the Farm House was built in 1760. Think about that the next time you visit the farm. The house is 256 years old!
  • The Hanson Farm is the oldest continuing operating farm in Framingham.
  • On Friday/Saturday nights in October, they get transformed to Hanson's Haunted Farms from 7pm to 10pm
  • They have Strawberries picking in June and July.
  • You can get fresh cut flowers from Mid-June to the first frost. (A special treat for someone!)
  • Pumpkins are ready from September to November.
  • The Farmstand is open from May 15th to November 1st. (170 Days)



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