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Zoom with GoPro

Do not use the zoom in GoPro - fix the zoom later

When you take videos or photos with the GoPro you have an option to use the Zoom feature to zoom in on your picture. Seems natural to use that when you want to get more up close in some situations.

Don't Zoom in GoPro Silver

However, I'll recommend not using the zoom feature of the phone. The reason why is because this is a digital zoom, not an optical zoom. You don't actually benefit by zooming when you shoot then when you do it post-production in iMovie or Filmora Wondershare.

When you zoom using a DSLR you get a nice regular zoom because it's taking advantage of the lens (Optical Zoom). It's not the same with the GoPro, you're simply using the software to zoom in.

Some Instances to Zoom

There are three reasons, the I can see using GoPro zoom:

  • When you want to send the image and don't want to touch it up.
  • You generally don't want to deal with any post production editing.
  • You would like to get ride of the fish eye look.



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