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Three Things to do as Soon as you get a new GoPro

What should you do once you get a new GoPro

Getting a new GoPro is exciting. Here are some tips on getting the best use of your new technology toy.

Go Pro Blue

Write Down the Serial Number

Write down your serial number and register your new GoPro - in case you ever lose your GoPro and someone finds it.

Your serial number will be 14-characters in length, and begin with "C31." HERO Session / HERO4 Session - Look on the inside of the I/O door on the side of the camera. Your serial number will be 14-characters in length, and begin with "C31." HERO+ LCD - Look on the bottom of the camera (next to the housing tabs).

You can">register on GoPro's website.

Sync it with your Smart Phone

Download the GoPro IOS App and Sync it with your GoPro. You can download the video and photos taken with the GoPro. This will save time having to remove the card from the GoPro. In addition, you can use your iPhone to control the GoPro. So you can put the camera in a hard to reach location and make sure that it looks good before taking a video.

One sample of "How to use the GoPro App" videos found on YouTube (Find more).

Get more USB-C Cables

Chances are the GoPro is the first device that you have that uses USB-C tips. I would recommend getting more USB cables so that you have multiple locations to charge up the device. You'll want to have cables for work or the car.

You can find great cables deals on Amazon and eBay. These are better than ones you might find at Walgreens or CVS, this is because for the same price for one cable at CVS you can get a multipack on Amazon.



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