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Ulanzi Multifunctional Battery Cover

Great Adapter for the GoPro 9

One of the things that I don't like about the GoPro is having to open the battery door to charge it every time. It's really not all that easy to open.

I get that the door is made that way to keep the device waterproof.

Just would be nice if it was easier to charge the device.

Fortunately there is an easy way…

Ulanzi Door Mobile

Ulanzi Metal Multifunctional Battery Cover

The Ulanzi battery door makes it easy to charge because the USB-C slot is always open.

Now this isn't the best solution if I was using the camera outside for time-lapse videos. Water could get in the camera.

There are other GoPro doors available. This one is better because it offers a Tripod mount and a cold shoe mount.

The tripod mount isn't on the bottom - but it's still cool to have when I may want to connect the GoPro on a tripod. All I need to do is to have a Tripod Mini Ball Head and I can have good horizontal footage.

The shoe mount is great because I can add various attachments such as microphones, lights, and other shoe mount accessories.

The Ulanzi battery door is easy to take off and put on when I want waterproof protection. It's very well built and is quality made.

Great GoPro Accessory

I have used the Ulanzi battery door for a week now and it's come in handy so many times. It makes it so much easier to charge up the GoPro with some basic usage.

I am careful about leaving the charging port exposed on cold New England nights. So when I do my nighttime time-lapse, I play it safe and use the standard door.

The "Ulanzi G9-6 Battery Door for GoPro 9" goes for $15.95 and worth the price for a small tech piece.



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