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Telephone Pole Mount

Simple trick to get the GoPro on a Telephone pole

At the end of December we had a "drive-by" birthday party. I wanted to capture all the people going by in the cars. I didn't want to stand and hold the camera and not be part of the moment.

Luckly, there is a telephone pole next to our yard. I decided to hook up the GoPro Hero 9 so that it would record all the activity.

Telephone Pole Desktop
Telephone Pole Mobile

Technical Details

This is the "standard" body camera mount that can be found in just about any Action Camera Accessories kit on

I used the popular J Hook mount so that the GoPro could be adjusted to be flat against the telephone pole. A standard mount would angle the camera to look at the ground.

Basically you wrap one end of the buckle around the pole and buckle it in.

The body camera mount kept the camera steady the whole time. I don't think this would work for a metal telephone pole because it would just slide down. In that case, I would just use a magnetic mount.

This isn't a great solution to leave unattended as people can clearly see the camera there. It would have gotten stolen if I left it overnight or something.



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