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Quick Release Tripod Mount

I have several monopods that have standard tripod mounts. There are some great GoPro adapters that make it easy to connect the GoPro to a tripod, they look like this:

Standard Go Pro Mount

The problem with this is that I have to screw on the GoPro every time that I want to use that mount.

Which isn't a great solution if I am moving the camera around. For example, I was using the GoPro on my monopod and then wanted to switch it to my Suction Cup Mount.

Simple Solution

So the simple solution is to use a different type of tripod mount. Basically, I needed what's called a "Quick Release Tripod Mount." This is what it looks like:

Go Pro Quick Release Plate

Having a quick release on a tripod or monopod is very cool. It's easy to put on and take off.

The bad side of this solution is that the plate is fairly expensive - about $15 apiece. The previous solution is $7 for four mounts.

I can see this being a good solution for those times when I am switching things around a lot. But for the majority of uses, I would stick to the standard mount adapter.



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