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Max Grip and & Tripod

Review of the Max Grip and Tripod from GoPro

Last Month I purchased the Max Grip and & Tripod from the GoPro store. The Tripod goes for $59.99 but I got it for $29.99. I got it at a discount since I also have a GoPro Cloud subscription. This is cheaper than and it's the real product not a knock off done by another company.

I have been looking forward to getting this for a long time. It's been in my shopping cart and I finally ordered it once I thought it would be a useful tool to use every day.

Max Grip Trippo Mobile
Max Grip Trippo Desktop

Five Things I have Learned

It's really hard to open the bottom part of the tripod. I have a tough time getting the legs to open up. I am sure it will get easy over time, but seriously why does it have to be so tight together?

The quick deploy tripod is very cool. Works great on a desktop as a webcam. I just have to remember, left tighty and right loose. Sometimes the tighty takes an extra turn to make sure it's secure. The same with making it loose, I found it was hard, at times, to get it to the right point to collapse it.

When opening all the way, the stand seems very steady. I didn't have any concerns about having the GoPro on it. It worked great on the coffee table and on the grass.

The total height of the stand, with the GoPro Hero 9 is 24-inches. Which is a bit smaller than some of my monopods. I have an Arespark Self-portrait Monopod which expands to 50-inches. The downside to the monopod is that it doesn't have a tripod base - which is why I was looking at the GoPro solution.

Inside the box you get the Max Grip & Tripod, fully assembled and a thumbscrew. I think it would have been good if GoPro also included a quick release adapter. The tip is a GoPro mount, there's no way to remove it. If you wanted a different mount, you would need an adapter. Like this GoPro Clip Adapter or this Camera Mount adapter

At the End of the Day

While it's cool to have a grip and tripod, I find it not so easy to use. I think I'll be able to get use to it. Had I played around with this in the store, I probably wouldn't get it.



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