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Best of Blogs for GoPro, Tech and Framingham

Lots of great content in 2021!

Thursdays in 2021, the topics ranged from GoPro to Tech Tools, Framingham and Classic Mac.

Best Thursday Post

Top Six Thursday Post of 2021

Here are the Thursday blog post that was the most popular in 2021:

GoPro Labs (GoPro) (January 14, 2021) - GoPro Labs is where you get to try out the latest and greatest firmware for your GoPro. This shouldn't be used for production capture footage.

GoPro Pool Pole Mount (GoPro) (March 11, 2021) - Learn how I was able to create a mount for a pool pole. These poles are very long and great for when you want to create Timelapse footage from high above.

WD MyPassport Wireless drive (Tech Tools) (June 24, 2021) - This blog post covers my bad experience with the 500GB WD MyPassport drive. The physical drive isn't damaged and someday I'll put some effort to recover the files on the drive.

Framingham Dog Park (Framingham) (August 12, 2021) - In 2022, the City of Framingham will open its first dog park. This blog post has some general information about new the park.

Crispus Attucks Bridge (Framingham) (September 2, 2021) - General information on the Crispus Attucks Bridge. One interesting thing to note - the marker is slowly being chipped away. I wonder if someone is intentionally doing that.

Street Signs of Framingham (Framingham) (September 23, 2021) - Did you know that Framingham has street signs of all the seasons? This blog post shows where you can find them. Something fun for the kids on a rainy day?

What's next for 2022?

Classic Mac will return in January 2022. I'll have enough content for the next couple of months. Maybe Framingham will return in the Spring of 2022.



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