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Street Signs of Framingham

Seasonal Street Signs

Welcome to the Fall Season! Did you know that the city of Framingham has streets named after the four seasons?

There are xx streets in Framingham. Did you know that there is a street name after each of the four seasons?

Framingham Street Season

Finding The Streets

Winter Street - This street goes from Route 9 to Waverly Street near Framingham State. This is located between the villages of Salem End Road and the South Framingham area.

Spring Street - This short street is located off of Franklin Street near Mason Park in the South Framingham village area.

Summer Street - This street is located between Central Street and Concord Street near the Golden Triangle village area.

Autumn Lane - This is the shortest street of the four. This street is located off of Haleah Lane in the Saxonville village area.

Finding Steet Signs

In Framingham, the street signs are located at the start and the end of a street.



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