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Best of Wednesday Post

Best of the Best in 2021

During Wednesday's in 2021 I switch topics several times. I started the year off with Affinity Designer, in April I changed to jQuery, then QA/ In the Summer I focused on Gluten Free topics. In November it was Camera Tips and finally Keyboard Maestro.

Wednesday Best Post

These are the blog posts that got the most activity.

D Ellis Sugarloaf (Gluten Free) (August 18, 2021) - My daughter went here this past summer. She had a good time with her friends. She liked that she was able to eat a gluten free meal at a popular restaurant at Sugarloaf mountain.

Gluten Free Oreos (Gluten Free) (July 28, 2021) - This is my daughter's favorite snack. At one time we had about 6 boxes on the snack shelf. Nabisco did a great job with making the gluten-free Oreos taste like the regular Oreos.

If you haven't tried the Gluten Free Oreos you should check them out! They are delicious and you can't taste the difference.

Kanes Donuts (Gluten Free) (July 14, 2021) - This is the go-to place in Boston for Gluten Free donuts. Not only do they offer the best-tasting donuts but they have a huge variety.

While Kane's Donuts is a local chain, there isn't any near our house. So when we go into Boston - early in the morning - we have to stop at Kane's and get her a few treats.

Automation (QA) (June 9, 2021) - What is the value of Automation for the QA team? In this post, I describe the purpose of automation and how it fits into the workflow.

This is an interesting read on the "great debate" on what value automation has not only on the deliverables by the QA team but also to the project.

Aperture Priority (Camera) (November 10, 2021) - Basic learning on the Aperture setting on most DSLR cameras. The post gave information on what situations you would be concerned about the Aperture.

This was part of a camera series where. I was doing a deep dive with the dial options in a DSLR camera.

Popcorn Oil (Popcorn) (May 19, 2021) - During the month of May, I was in search of how to make the best popcorn at home. This particular post was about the best oil to use in a plug-in popcorn popper. Click on the popcorn link to see all the popcorn posts.



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