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Fortune Cookie

Over the years I have collected fortune cookies slips with the intent to display a random fortune on the website. When the site was redesigned I removed that feature and stopped entering data into my fortune cookie database. The feature was removed from the homepage because it didn't really add any value.

I was doing some desk cleaning this morning and I found a whole bunch of fortune cookies slips. I decided that it was time to add them to the online database, and throw away the slips. After adding about 50 of them, I decided to create a landing page for the fortune cookie collection. You can find the 305 fortune cookie collection at

While inserting the fortune cookies, I actually came across a duplicate fortune:

Double Fortune

I don't know if that a good sign or a bad sign. Certainly a good lesson to learn for any small business.

I also encounter the following Fortune Cookie saying that got cut off:

Habits Fortune Cookie
"If you develop the habits of success, you will make success a..."

I wasn't able to find the full saying anyplace online. I am guessing, based on my Fortunism experience, it would go: "If you develop the habits of success, you will make success a habits."



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