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Basic Title Templates

Simple Templates that get the job done.

This week, I have a couple of text designs that I created in Apple Motion. While these are "pretty basic" they are templates that I use all the time and they work very well.

Lower Third Text

Apple Motion Lower Third
Extended Lower Third text that will keep the background if you have a lot of text.

This is similar to the "caption" box from last week, the big difference is that this is made for a lot of text. You don't have to worry about text wrap and background with this design.

When you have a long dialog, use this text Title.

Basic Center Text

Apple Motion Center Text
Nice Center Text box. Perfect for Info text or something that is better written than said.

This is useful when you have a simple background and need to tell a story. This is designed to handle a lot of text.

Just remember to make sure to keep the text and story simple. You don't need all the details, just enough so people can understand what happens next.

This is also useful when you're transitioning a location.

Download the Title Templates

Download the Apple Motion Template.



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