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Text Styles

Use a Text Style to make your text stand out.

Apple Motion comes with 45 unique font styles. These make it easy to create text styles without having to know complicated setups.

The text styles come in two categories - 2D Styles and 3D Styles.

The nice thing is that after you defined the style you can change everything - from font face to color - even use the material background to customize the style for your needs.

Apple Motion Text Style

2D Styles

Antique, Block, Bold, Condensed, Deep Glow, Dream, Duotone, Fantasy, Fashion, Faux 3D, Gold, Grunge, Heavy, Ice, Minimal, Neon, Offset, Outline, Paper, Platinum, Pop, Reflection, Retro Neue, Ultra Light, Vintage

3D Styles

Basic 3D, Basic 3D Serif, Blue Plastic, Car Paint, Carved Wood, Chiseled, Chrome, Flat Graphic, Forged, Glossy Green, Golden, Metropolitan, Minimal 3D, Monolith, Old Steel, Old Wood, Outline 3D, Painted, Rough Stone, Transparent

Finding the Text Styles

After you add a text, click on the HUD and you'll see the text configuations.

H U D Dialog Box
HUD Dialog Box is where you set the text style.