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Spin Planet Earth

Simple Steps to show how to Rotate an Object

There are a lot of 3D Objects, 80 to be exact, and each one of them can be rotated. The most popular element to be rotated is Earth.

Apple created this with the intent to have it rotated.

Here are the very basic steps to get the Earth rotated.

Ro Tate Earth

Rotate Planet Earth

  • Create a new project.
  • Add the Earth ED Object (Select the Library tab, then select "3D Objects." then select Education and you'll see Earth.) Drag and drop the Earth to the layers section.
  • Click "Behaviors" then "Basic Motion" and select Basic Motion and you'll see Spin. Drag and drop Spin to the Earth in the Layers pallet. (Spin should appear immediately below the Earth icon.)
  • Click on the Earth Layer in the Layer pallet.
  • Click on Inspector
  • Click on Behaviors
  • Set up the following:
    • Increment (Continuous Rate)
    • Spin Rate (85.0)
    • Axis Y

Now click on the space bar and watch the world spin - East to West. Change the axis to 'X' and watch the world spin from the two poles.

Bonus: You can add an additional spin action and set it to spin on the 'Y-axis. This way you have the world spinning both ways.

Playground Time

Learn more about other "Basic Motions" and add other actions to the globe. For example, try the Move or "Grow and Shrink" action.