QA Graphic

Basic Title

Simple Designs to focus on the words not the graphics.

This week I am sharing a couple of title texts that I use in a few of my Motion projects. These are simple text projects that feature some animation using Apple Motion.

Amazing Motion Basic

Download Motion Work

These are Motion files. You need Apple Motion in order to view the design - you can easily move them to Final Cut Pro.

Thoughts On This Collection

These three files may seem basic for the average Apple Motion user - but I think that they work because of their simplicity.

You can always add your own style of behavior. I use the basic face to keep things simple.

I am working/learning on how to have a gaussian blur background on these images - may be in a future update.

The collection titled Pantone 2022 Color is using two of the top colors of 2022. (I am not sure who gets to decide what colors are the official colors of 2022.)

Enjoy. Leave feedback if you want to see more of these "back to basic" series.



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