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Pixelmator Pro to Motion

Now You can Export Pixelmator Pro Documents as Motion Documents

One of the nice features of Pixelmator Pro is the ability to export a file to Apple Motion format. This preserves all layers and transparency. This is a unique feature to Pixelmator Pro as this isn't available in Affinity Photo or GraphicConverter.

Pixel Mator Pro Motion
Pixelmator Pro Motion Export Dialog with the Motion Document code.

Apple Motion Description in Pixelmator Pro

Here's the description right from the Pixelmator Pro help file:

Motion is one of Apple's Pro Apps, dedicated to creating motion graphics on a Mac. Pixelmator Pro supports Motion text, basic and complex shapes, image layers, drop shadows, and everything else you need for your projects to look just how you designed them when you open them in Motion. And if you find or create an SVG file you'd like to use in Motion, you can use Pixelmator Pro to seamlessly convert it into a Motion Project file and continue working with it in Motion.

Three Reasons Why This is Useful

A lot more Graphic Tools - Pixelmator Pro has a lot more shape tools to create the design you are looking for. For example, you can combine shapes to create a wave from left to right.

Better alignment Tools - You can perfectly align objects to the page. In addition, you can use some of the aligned tools to perfectly space objects. For example, you can create box grids as placeholders.

Text Along Paths - you can easily create texts on paths in Pixelmator Pro. You can export the text to Motion and bring that text to life.



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