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Create Your Own LUTS

Use Camera Bag Pro to Touch Up Video and Create LUTS

LUTS are a tool that Filmmakers use to enhance a video to a particular grade. In movies, some scenes have to look a certain way to produce the desired effect - think horror movies by the lake.

LUTS are great when your camera didn't really focus on the right colors and you end up with a pale shot.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool that could spice up a video clip and you can save it as a LUTS and use Apple Motion to create an effect?

You can. Camera Bag Pro makes it happen.

You Can Create LUTs from Affinity Photo but Camera Bag Pro is the only App that I know of that accepts videos to touch up and export the LUTS.

Camera Bag Pro

CameraBag Pro lets you instantly apply one of hundreds of beautiful presets to your photos, and then dive deeper with ultra-intuitive professional adjustments.

You use the application to create a custom LUT from your final design.

Camera Bag Pro Selection
Sample of some of the Presets in Camera Bag Pro.

Creating a LUT from a Touch Up

Once you touch up a scene in Camera Bag Pro you can save the touch up as a LUTs. Now you can apply this same touch-up to other videos clips.

Once you satisfied with the touch-up, go to the File menu and select "Export Filter LUT..."

Camera Pro Export The L U T

Creating your Own Color Preset using Apple Motion

Here are the steps to make your LUT as a Color Preset in Final Cut Pro - using Apple Motion:

  1. Create a new Final Cut Effect (You can keep the default settings
  2. Select the Effect Source
  3. In the top menu bar, select Filters, then Color and find Custom LUT
  4. With the Custom LUT selected in the Layers pallet, click on Inspector and then go to Filters.
  5. Use the pull down menu to the right of LUT to "Choose Custom LUT" and select the file that was generated in the Camera Bag Pro app.
  6. Save the Final Cut Pro Effect and Publish it to Final Cut Pro. ( You may want to create a new category so its easy to find in the Effects menu.)

Motion Custom LUT
Where to Find the Custom LUT Filter


Creating LUTS is a great way to help clean up shots that are done multiple times at the same location.



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