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Style Text in Apple Motion

Sample Text Styles in Apple Motion

Here's a sample of all the available text styles in Apple Motion:

Text Styles

Text Style Names

Antique, Basic 3D, Basic 3D Serif, Block, Blue Plastic, Bold, Car Paint, Carved Wood, Chiseled, Chrome, Commemoratively, Condensed, Deep Glow, Bream, Duotone, Fantasy, Fashion, Faux 3D, Flat Graphic, Forged, Glossy Green, Gold, Golden, Grunge, Heavy, Ice, Metropolitan, Minimal, Minimal 3D, Monolith, Neon, Offset, Old Steel, Old Wood, Outline, Outline 3D, Painted, Paper, Platinum, Pop, Reflection, Retro Neue, Rough Stone, Transparent, Ultra Light, Vintage, Wow.

Note: This list is from Apple Motion 5.6

Apply Style

To apply the style simply drag and drop the style to the text. Use the Inspector on that text to make any changes.



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