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Media Transfer Protocol

Transfer Files to Your Computer

Microsoft developed the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for the purpose of connecting digital cameras, smartphones, and personal computers and transferring files. It is a popular protocol for connecting and transferring files between devices. In addition to being more efficient and versatile than Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), MTP is an upgrade of PTP.

How to Use MTP on the GoPro Hero 9

Using MTP on the GoPro Hero 9 is simple and straightforward. You can transfer files right away by connecting your camera to your computer. Once connected, the camera will automatically enter MTP mode, and you can begin transferring files using the GoPro Quik App or Image Capture. All files can be transferred or specific files can be transferred.

MTP- Pixelmator
View of Pixelmator getting files from the GoPro

Four Things I Learned

  • You can import images and videos using Image Capture or Pixelmator Pro.
  • If you create timelapse using photos they are just photos in the MTP mode, if you have GoPro Cloud service the files are combined to a timelapse video. (Probably worth the service if you do a lot of Timelapse.)
  • Final Cut Pro crashes when I tried to open up the GoPro drive. Commander One and Graphic Converter weren't able to see the GoPro.
  • Using GoPro Quik, you can only import all objects on your GoPro. If you want to import individual videos or photos you have to use Image Capture or Pixelmator Pro.

Advantages of Using MTP on the GoPro Hero 9

Using MTP on the GoPro Hero 9 has several advantages. Firstly, it is a fast and efficient way to transfer files compared to other methods like Wi-Fi. Secondly, it is a secure way to transfer files as it requires a physical connection between the camera and the device. Lastly, MTP allows for the transfer of large files, making it ideal for photographers who need to transfer high-resolution images and videos.


The GoPro MTP feature makes it easy to transfer files between devices. It's fast, efficient, and secure, so it's great for photographers who need to move big files quickly. If you have a GoPro Hero 9, use the MTP feature.