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Night Mode - GoPro Silver

There is no way to set Night Mode in GoPro Silver

If you're looking for the best quality night pictures and time lapse, your best bet is to get the GoPro 7 Black. The Silver version has very minimal functionality to low light photography.

GoPro 7 Silver Specs

A quick look on how the iPhone XS Max is a better camera for night photos. (Tip: You have a lot more control over the settings than you do with the GoPro 7 Silver series.)

Name GoPro Silver GoPro Black iPhone Xs Max
ISO 16001600 2,304
Aperture f/2.8 f/2.8 f/1.8
Exposure TIme 1/151/15 1/22000

Note: GoPro Silver users have no control over the Shutter Speed and Exposure time.

Sample YouTube Video

GoPro 7 Silver YouTube video showing the morning sunrise in time lapse.



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