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Behavior Listings

Information on a few of the Motion Behavior categories

Each week, I try to learn more about Apple Motion capabilities. This week, I am sharing some of the Behavior Parameters. There are 232 behaviors broken down into 12 categories.

The 12 major behavior categories:

  • Audio
  • Basic Motion
  • Camera
  • Motion Tracking
  • Parameter
  • Particles
  • Replicator
  • Retiming
  • Shape
  • Simulations
  • Text Animation
  • Text Sequence

Highlight Two Categories

In the Basic Motion Behaviors these are the 9 included behaviors:

  • Align To - Align object to another.
  • Fade In/Fade Out - Dissolves an object in and out.
  • Grow/Shrink - Scales an object larger or smaller, continuously or to a specific value.
  • Motion Path - Moves an object along a motion path created with Bezier control points.
  • Move - Moves an object to or from a specific position in 3D
  • Point At - Rotates an object to point at another object
  • Snap Alignment to Motion - Aligns the rotation of an object to match the direction it's moving.
  • Spin - Rotates an object around its anchor point, continuously or to a specific value.
  • Throw - Applies a single force to push an object in a specified direction.

In the Parameters Behaviors these are the 20 included behaviors:

  • Audio - Animates a parameter based on an audio track.
  • Average - Smooths a parameter's animated transition from one value to another.
  • Channel - (This is a mystery one!)
  • Clamp - Restricts a parameter's values from going beyond a minimum or maximum.
  • Custom - Create your own behavior. Add parameters and apply behaviors or keyframes
  • Exponential - Change a parameter from one specific value to another over time, using an exponential equation.
  • Link - Link one parameter to another.
  • Logarithmic - Changes a parameter from one specific value to another over time, using a logarithmic equation.
  • MIDI - Controls a parametere using a MIDI-compatible input device.
  • Negate - Inverts the values of a parameter.
  • Oscillate - Cycles a parameter between two different values.
  • Overshoot - Changes a parameter from one specific value to another over time, overshooting past the end value before springing back.
  • Quantize - Restricts a parameter's values to discrete steps instead of continuous values.
  • Ramp - Changes a parametere from one specific value to another value over time.
  • Randomize - Randomly animates a parameter over time.
  • Rate - Steady increases or decreases a parametere's value over time.
  • Reverse - Reverse the direction of a parameter's animation.
  • Stop - Suspends the animation of a parameter.
  • Track - Tracks a paremeter to the movement of another object.
  • Wriggle - Randomly animates a parameter over time, at a slow frequency.

MyStery Channel Parameter Behavior

When I was checking the available behaviors in the Parameter category, I copy and paste the contents in BBEdit. When I did that, a mystery parameter showed up. That's the Channel Parameter.

The Channel parameter doesn't exist in the Parameter or in the Behaviors - at least nothing showed when I did a global search.

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