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Wind Behavior

Great way to have a smooth motion

The Wind Behavior is a creative way to move objects in a nice smooth continuous force.

Wind Behavior

Five Things I Learned

This is a new behavior that I haven't used before, so I thought I would play around with the different ways to use the functionality.

  • The behavior is located in Behaviors > Simulations. It's the last item on the menu.
  • You have more control of the Wind using the HUD functionality. Simply select the Wind behavior and then click on HUD in the toolbar.
  • Using the 3D control in the HUD, you can make the object move towards you or away from you. The 2D control simply focus the movement to left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Combining the Wind and Throw behaviors to create a nice curve effect.
  • When you apply the Wind behavior you'll see a red line to show the path that the object will take.



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