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TruGreen Service

Yesterday TruGreen service came by and did their Early Season Application on our lawn. I was a little surprise that they came by. I was supposed to get a postcard to let me know when they were coming by, since our back gate is locked. I'll have to call them today to see if they applied anything to the back.

The Early Season Application only cost $29.95 which is a special promotion price. Here's the note that the specialist left:

What I notice:
Your lawn has quite a few violets and dandies. Some bare spot. Overall good health.

What you can expect:
Improved color/density and crabgrass/broadleaf weed control.

What I recommend:
Aerate/overseed to build turf density and improve soil conditions all more more oxygen/nutrients to the roots ($200)

They applied Barricade, for weed control and Triplet, for postemergent broadleaf control on our lawn. I'll keep everyone updated on the lawn condition using TruGreen

You can contact TruGreen at 800-888-9090 or They are located in Franklin, MA.



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