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Keeping Score: A Dance Dad's Perspective

Something fun to do at Competition dances

As a dance dad, I have a lot of responsibilities during competition season ' from carrying costumes to cheering on my daughter's team. However, one of the most important tasks that I recently took on is keeping score of the other dances at the competition. This might seem like a strange hobby, but hear me out. By keeping score, I'm able to see how my daughter's team stacks up against the competition and get a better understanding of the judges' criteria.

Plus this keeps me awake between her dances.

Dance Dad Score Card

The Art of Keeping Score

Keeping score at a dance competition requires focus and attention to detail. As each dance takes the stage, I jot down notes on their performance ' from the execution of the choreography to the dancers' facial expressions. I also pay close attention to the judges' feedback and scores. By the end of the day, I have a notebook full of observations and predictions about which dances will place in their respective categories.

There's no magic formula, I just watch the dance and see what I think their score is going to be. Its kind of like being a judge on the TV show American idol. Good dances are easy to spot.

The Big Reveal

Come awards time, I anxiously await the announcement of each dance's score. It's always interesting to see how my observations and predictions compare to the judges' scores. Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised to see a dance that I thought was flawless receive a perfect score. Other times, I'm left scratching my head, wondering how a particular dance received a high score despite some noticeable flaws.


Keeping score at a dance competition may seem like an odd hobby, but for me, it's a way to engage with my daughter's passion and gain a deeper understanding of the art of dance. By seeing how my observations compare to the judges' scores, I'm able to better appreciate the nuances of the competition and cheer on my daughter's team with even more enthusiasm. So the next time you see a dance dad scribbling away in the audience, know that he's not just passing the time ' he's a dedicated fan, keeping score and rooting for his favorite team.



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