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Advanced Mac Cleaner (Fake)

Watch out for Websites that tell you have a virus installed

If your browsing the Internet and encounter a notification that your computer has a virus. Stop and think, and don't click 'Scan Now.'

Apple Virus

Couple of Notes

  • Currently there's no way a browser can detect that your computer has a virus - it would be a browser/OS security violation.
  • The Website appears that your on Apple's website - which your not.
  • The url is disguised to make it appear that your on Apple's website.
  • Report any suspected website to the Google Safe Browsing website so others will not make the mistake.

The best advice I can give is to make sure that your browser is updated and you have the latest OS update. That should fix 90% of all possible virus and spyware.

Uninstall the Fake Advanced Mac Cleaner

Should you have accidentally installed the software, here's the simple solution to successfully uninstalling the virus off your computer:

The Real Advance Mac Cleaner

You can download the real Advanced Mac Cleaner from



Guest I feel for this. Payed an amount and later found out it was fraudulent. I should of looked it up first, but i know little about computer and viruses. What made me rethin about the payment was their accent and no one could talk english the correct way to walk me threw the steps.

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