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Ikea LOMMARP Cabinet

Things I learned installing it

This past weekend I put together the LOMMARP Cabinet from Ikea. They have 2 different models: LOMMARP Cabinet and the LOMMARP Cabinet with glass doors

The instructions are pretty clear on how to put it together and it took roughly 3 hours for each piece of furniture. Most of the time was spent reading the instructions and carefully assembling the various parts. You may be able to do it quicker with additional help. Certainly would help to read the instructions first before tag-teaming the project.

Ikea Lommarp Tips

Six Things I Learned

I have to say that the boxes are cumbersome! There are three boxes for each piece of Lommard furniture, weighing about 50 pounds. Only one of the boxes, the cabinet with glass doors, contains glass - which is clearly marked. I took one box at a time down the stairs.

Assembling the Lommarp furniture does not require the use of a hex tool. All you will need is a Phillips Screwdriver and a small hammer. If you are doing this as a team project, I would advise you to have at least two screwdrivers.

The hardest part was connecting the doors. I kept trying to align them. I don't know the "easy" way to do this. The directions weren't very clear. If you know of a good way, please leave a comment below.

Open the supply bags and organize the various parts - This was very useful when it came time to look for the right screws. There are some extra parts. Don't be surprised when you find some extra screws when the project is complete. I used to keep these in a bin of extras, but now I just throw them away.

Since the finished product is very heavy, I recommend putting it together near the location where it will be installed. This will make it easier to move.



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