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August 15, 2021

Unconventional Ways to Generate More Business Leads

Do not give up on getting leads

If you've tried everything else, it's time to consider some unconventional ways to generate more business leads - you might be surprised!

Unconventional Ways to Generate More Business Leads

Leads are crucial to successfully running and growing a business. But maintaining momentum in generating them is not easy. In a field as dynamic as marketing, trends and best practices change all the time. So, what worked for you in the past few years might not be working anymore. This can lead to your lead generation stagnating. To get the business juices flowing again, you might want to consider unconventional ways to generate more business leads instead. Some of them are a bit risky, a bit difficult, or a bit strange. But you'd be surprised at how effective a novel strategy can be. In the end, it might pay off in more ways than one.

Why should you use unconventional ways to generate more business leads?

Lead generation refers to the process of getting people informed about and interested in what you have to offer. It is, therefore, the first step toward converting someone into a customer. This makes lead generation vital to the survival of any business. But generating new leads is not always easy. If you are a small business without a lot of reaches or if you're in a seasonal industry, for example, you'll probably experience periods where you struggle to drum up excitement for your products and services. This is the perfect time to turn to the more uncommon ways of generating leads. They'll make you stand out from your competition and help attract audiences that you previously couldn't.

Young people using a laptop.
New types of marketing lead to new types of customers.

What are some of the best unconventional ways to generate more business leads?

The problem with unconventional strategies is that not many people are using them so they're often not that well tested. This makes it difficult to know what to expect - will you find success or disaster? If you're worried, focus on the following tactics that definitely work:

Try new and interesting types of content

There's no denying that content marketing is a great way to generate leads. But if all you do is write blog posts, you will eventually run out of interesting topics and people who respond to the written word. So it's important to mix it up a little - instead of writing this week, why don't you try your hand at an infographic? You can even learn how to create interesting videos to post on social media. If you're feeling brave, hosting and streaming a conference or a lecture about something can also be a good idea. Or you can post quizzes that your users will enjoy. Of course, you shouldn't abandon blogging forever; the point is to branch out and offer different things.

Use novel technologies

It's important to keep up with the times; if you don't, your users will move on from the platforms, software, and tech that you're using to new and better things, leaving you behind. So keep an eye out for new developments in the world of technology. Try developing an app instead of focusing entirely on your website, learn how to use all the latest social media platforms that have become popular, and invest in technology like marketing AIs. This can sometimes be expensive, but it pays off!

Red heart over binary code.
Embrace new technology in your marketing.

Try your hand at the less famous social media platforms

You're probably already using social media for business - pretty much everyone is. But most business owners focus on the big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While you should definitely be active on those, you mustn't look at social media too narrowly. Other platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest can be valuable resources, especially when not that many businesses use them.

Focus on the individual

Mass media and the internet have made it easy for businesses to reach millions of people at once with their marketing. In most respects, this is a good thing. But it has also made many marketers forget about the individual and focus on watering down their message to reach as many different people as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to your marketing being less effective at conversion. So try doing the opposite: personalize every interaction with potential customers.

One way to do this is to adjust your website and your communication to the interests of every individual visitor. Use cookies to find out their location, for example, and show them content that directly relates to where they're from. If you're sending out newsletters via email, remember to section your mailing list so that people can only receive the emails that concern them personally.

Mail inbox open on a phone.
Personalize your emails to potential customers.

Or you can make it even simpler - make sure your content is in the second person. Speak directly to your readers, listeners, or viewers when explaining things or giving advice as if they were right there in front of you. If you want to make visitors take action that will push them further down the sales pipeline, you'll also want to include a compelling and engaging call-to-action at the end of the content you're posting. This will feel less out of place if you've been speaking to the reader the entire time.

Tell a story about your brand

Having a good branding strategy is vital for raising awareness about your business. Your brand should clearly show who you are and what you stand for. But just presenting this to an audience is hardly going to inspire them to learn more. Instead, you want to tell a compelling story. Where did the idea for your business come from? Where do you plan on going in the future? And perhaps most importantly, why should anyone care?

Use social proof to your advantage

Social proof is a common phenomenon that makes people copy what others are doing. This is something you can use to your advantage - simply show that people are using your products or services, and you'll get the attention of others who want to do the same. The easiest way to do this is to encourage current customers to leave reviews and refer friends. A referral program can help with that. Another thing you can do is to partner with a social media influencer. Influencers have a lot of social power today; if they endorse your products or services, you'll definitely collect tons of leads from that partnership.

Generate more business leads by taking risks

Unconventional ways to generate more business leads are always a bit of a risk - that's why they're unconventional. But business is all about risk, so this is not actually a bad thing. Instead, you should embrace taking risks. Be the first to try something new, invent your own strategy, and don't be afraid to fail. This is how you become a leader in your industry: by standing out from the crowd.

August 8, 2021

Does My Business Need An App?

Here Are A Few Questions To Ask Before Answering

Business Need An App

As shopping apps get more popular with consumers, businesses are rushing to invest in their mobile apps. According to The E-Commerce Times, it is estimated that m-commerce sales will account for 54 percent of all retail e-commerce sales by the end of 2021. Nearly 80 percent of people use shopping apps while at home and a majority of them use them 2 to 5 times a week. While mass merchant stores like Target and Walmart have found great success in introducing their business apps, an increasing number of smaller businesses are considering whether it is worthwhile investing in an app of their own to keep up with the digitalization of everyday life. While business apps can provide some benefits, deciding to launch an app needs considerable forethought, planning, and the satisfaction of a few key criteria.

Benefits Of A Mobile App For Your Small Business

The overwhelming benefit that a business app provides is that it garners more traffic. With high traffic levels, your business has more chances to create sales opportunities and attract loyal customers. A business app can also work to improve your brand's visibility. When used as a part of your digital marketing strategy, a business app can present another unique opportunity to build your brand presence and identity with unique logos, app design, tone, etc.

Finally, investing in a business app can be another way of keeping your customer engaged - and returning. With special offers, vouchers, and incentives unique to your app, you can boost the all-important customer retention rate. Today, 3 out of every 4 dollars spent online is spent through mobile transactions. The trick to making it a success lies in investing in all the right aspects of its development. Customers want a truly seamless and integrated shopping experience. Therefore, spending time on designing a subscription cloud-based application software is worthwhile because it means that as a business, you can stick to your budget as a small business and trial it on a subscription-based model as you go. So, if the app does not generate enough interest in an upcoming period, you are free to cancel or pause.

Does Your Business Have The Capital For App Development And Maintenance?

A key consideration when deciding to create a business app is whether your business can afford it. If you choose to create an app yourself instead of hiring a professional, you will only need to pay for your license fees. Apple apps charge $99 while Android apps cost $25. Recent research by GoodFirms showed that a simple app can cost between $38,000 to $91,000. After that, there are also the ongoing charges for app maintenance which can vary according to the technologies you choose and the complexity. If you choose to develop separate versions for both Android and Apple, you will be incurring double the charges. Before making the decision, consider your business cash flow going forward and whether it can afford the regular maintenance costs.

Is The App's Need And Immediate And Ongoing One?

Developing an app is an expensive and ongoing commitment for your business. If you are looking for an immediate or one-off boost in brand visibility, it may not be feasible to invest in a business app. Firstly it can take a while to design a mobile app prototype for your business. There will also need to be test runs before it is released for public use. Also, businesses should be clear on how the app will fit into their daily operations once developed. What percentage of customer interactions would it replace? If it is minimal then it may not be time for a business app.

How Would Your App Be Different From An Optimized Website?

While more consumers are shifting to mobile shopping apps, business websites are still the main point of contact for most. On the plus side, a mobile-friendly business website is much cheaper to maintain and develop. If you already have a business website up and running, the costs are reduced further since the actions need to optimize your business website for mobile traffic are fairly minimal compared to app development.

According to Robin Cogburn of Exela Technologies, businesses should only invest in a business app if the customer experience is significantly different from what is offered on their website or other channels. In other words, there must be defining features to draw consumers to use the app.

So does your business need an app? While it certainly has its merits, small businesses should focus on ticking many other core boxes before moving on to app development such as having a mobile-optimized business website. When the benefits outweigh the costs, then it may be time.

August 1, 2021

5 Unique Benefits of Custom Packaging for Your Business

Make your Boxes Stand Out

Custom Boxes

Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? Custom packaging is a great way to do so. Imagine that you are walking down the street and someone hands you an envelope. You open it up, and inside, there's a beautifully designed card with your company logo on it. That person has taken the time to customize something for business, which automatically makes them more memorable in your mind.

Because of this this reason, every business is shifting to use custom packaging wholesale for their products. Now, it has become a compulsory component of marketing and promoting your business to the next level. Custom packaging will help you to get people's attention and leave a lasting impression on them. In this blog post, we'll look at five unique benefits of custom packaging for businesses. Those benefits are:

It Makes Your Company More Memorable

Custom packaging is an easy and cost-effective way to make your company more memorable. You can hand out custom boxes for people to store things they buy from you or create unique packages that will be remembered by all who see them as soon as they come through your door.

It helps to make a good impression of your business on customers. They not only start to use your products, but they also recommend others that serve as direct marketing for your company.

It Looks Great

The second thing about custom packaging is how great it looks. Not only does this kind of branding help get people's attention when walking down the street, but it also helps set up a professional appearance at home. Use customize packaging for your products and gain the customer's attention to your products.

Highlights Your Brand's Forward-Thinking

Not only does custom packaging help you have a professional appearance, but it also helps show that your company has forward-thinking.

It attracts consumers who are shopping for new things to buy or looking to try out something different than their usual brand and can be bought as gifts. This kind of marketing not only boosts sales but promotes your business with a special feel.

Customized packaging will always look better than other kinds because they're designed specifically for one purpose; your business promotion.

The addition of more design elements like colors, fonts, logos, or graphics means that these items always stand out on store shelves, making them grab the attention of customers even before they pick up an item and read its description.

Increases the Reliability of the Packaging

It increases the reliability of the packaging and makes it suitable for the storage and transportation of your products. When you buy products, they are usually packaged in a way that helps them stay safe and secure. Customized packaging for your business means that the package is designed to securely store your product while it's being transported or during long storage periods.

Custom Packaging Is an Inexpensive Marketing Tool

It seems like customizing everything from our clothes and cars to even phones have become the norm, so why not customize your small business marketing strategy with customized packaging? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising methods when this budget-friendly alternative works just as well for your business.

Since people often judge books by their cover, having eye-catching custom packages could lead customers towards buying more items than usual because they want the set instead of individual products.


Custom packaging is a great way to make your company more memorable, and it looks good on the shelf. Highlighting your brand's forward-thinking with custom packaging can also help increase the reliability of what comes in those packages because you know exactly where every package came from. In addition, this inexpensive marketing tool will get people talking about how original you are, and it will promote your business. Contact a company like Stampa Prints for all of your Custom Packaging needs and work together to create something truly unique that embodies who you are as a business and gives customers an experience they won't forget.

July 18, 2021

Digital Money for Seniors

A data-driven guide on adjusting to the digital future of banking

Understanding money in the digital age is critical to managing your finances. There???s no way you should be handling your money like it???s the 1990s.

Recently put together a data-driven guide called ???Digital Money for Seniors.??? The guide explores key facts and challenges faced by the elderly in a world increasingly accustomed to digital banking.

Digital Moneyfor Seniors

The guide shares important insights such as:

  • How the rapid move towards online banking and digital services??risks leaving older people behind.
  • The??importance of digital inclusion??and??age-friendly banking??to reliably meet the needs of the elderly.
  • Great examples of??industry initiatives??that help teach and support seniors to use digital services.
  • Useful tips and advice??to offer help to elderly relatives or friends when using smartphones and the internet.

Some interesting facts you???ll find:

  • 42% of over 75s (nearly two million people in England) weren???t using the internet and are still digitally excluded.
  • 49% of people aged 55 and over said they weren???t confident using an app to apply for a credit card or loan.
  • Bank branches and cashpoints (ATMs), relied upon by many seniors, are disappearing at a rapid rate across the UK.

July 4, 2021

How to Buy Quality T-shirts Online?

Buy A Shirt

If you think about your wardrobe essentials, the first thing that comes to mind is T-shirts. Nowadays, t-shirts are worn on every occasion whether it is at work, at home or going to the gym.

T-shirts have become more versatile in terms of when and where you can wear them, so finding the best quality t-shirts is more important than ever.

Finding a high-quality t-shirt can make a great difference for the planet, your skin, the way you feel, and your wallet. That???s why we decided to highlight some of the things that you should consider when buying your next t-shirt.

What is A High-Quality T-Shirt?

There are many factors that you should consider to find a high-quality t-shirt. Some people prioritize the fabric and others say the thread count. Others are mainly focused on how it feels and the whole experience of wearing it.

few questions need to be answered to determine the quality of the t-shirt, such as:

  • What is the t-shirt made of?
  • How is it made?
  • Who made it?
  • How much does it cost per wear?
  • How is your experience buying it?

We would say that a high-quality T-shirt is more than just the physical product and the materials used in the process. The T-shirt must represent the company and its mission, so finding the perfect T-shirt is much deeper than you might think.

Online Reviews are Crucial

The best way to back up your purchase decision is through online reviews. Just because the apparel industry is shady and some brands talk a lot but they don???t deliver, you should check out what other people have to say about the products. Tshirt Magazine Online is a good place to start.

Customers are always honest, so the first step in determining whether or not you are dealing with a legitimate brand selling high-quality t-shirts is to check out online reviews. It is important to scan the comments and look for the things that matter to you.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in a fabric. This is usually the best way to measure the t-shirt quality. Buying a t-shirt with a high thread count means that you are getting more tightly woven together with fabric that is softer and more durable.

People don???t usually think about the cost per wear, and always go for cheaper t-shirts that in the end, are have a higher price per wear since they are not very durable.


The most commonly used material for t-shirts is cotton, but there are different types of cotton that you need to be aware of. For example, clothing manufacturers can produce higher-quality pieces if they use organic cotton which is softer than inorganic cotton.

Most companies that use inorganic cotton add chemicals to soften the T-shirt, but they wash off and the t-shirt loses its quality.

Make sure you go for t-shirts that are made from 100% cotton that is breathable and comfortable to wear.

Find the Right Cut

There are many things to consider when finding the perfect t-shirt and choosing the right cut that will go along with your body is very important.

A high-quality t-shirt shouldn???t make you feel limited in how you can combine it with other pieces. The t-shirt should be comfortable but versatile.

Go for Quality instead of Quantity

It is much better to buy one high-quality t-shirt than spend the same amount of money buying 3-4 low-quality t-shirts.

First of all, buying a low-quality t-shirt won???t save you any money just because they only last so long before they get starchy and unflattering. On the other hand, high-quality t-shirts will last for a lifetime.

Nowadays, there are plenty of stores that specialize in selling high-quality t-shirts and your job is to find the brand that works best for you. T-shirts are the most worn clothing piece from our wardrobe, which is why subscription boxes are perfect for keeping your wardrobe updated.

You can check out the 20 Best T-Shirt Subscription Boxes by They provide great quality t-shirts, so you don???t have to worry about going to your local clothing store.

June 27, 2021

How to Edit video: Guide to Film and Video Editing

Practical Tips for Better Videos

Film and video editing seem to be a crucial thing these days. With the massive demand for video content all around the world, video editing has become a staple skill for many. Editing a video in the proper manner is a skill that is easy to implement but very difficult to learn and be knowledgeable about. It takes a lot of time before you can master the art of video editing.

If you are new to this field and finding it confusing to decide how you can be a good editor, then we can help you. We will share some essential tips that will guide you through the process of video editing in 2021.

1. Choose a Good Software

First things first, you have to choose good editing software before doing anything else. Throughout your career as a professional video editor, you will be working with various editing software. When it comes to selecting a good editor, several options are available to you.

You have to be careful while choosing the best one among all of them. The editor you are going to choose must have all the basic set of features that will help you tweak the video with simplicity.

If you are new to editing, you should not choose an online video editor with a complex UI and design interface with loads of advanced editing features. This will only make your task even more difficult in the longer run. Instead, you should be comfortable using the software, and it can only be possible if the editor has an easy-to-use UI.

Some of the best video editing software you can choose are FlexClip, InVideo, Avid Media, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Each of these editors has a host of unique features that have a blend of all the basic and advanced features. Lightworks, Autodesk Smoke, and Sony Vegas are some more video editors you can try out if you want to keep things simple.

2. Use a Fast Computer

You don't need to spend $20,000 to get a fast PC. Absolutely not! You can build a fast computer even on a reasonable budget. You need to know which are the components that you have to focus on and which are the ones where you can be lenient.

When you are setting up an editing PC, you should have a computer that comes with quick rendering speed, good storage, and a display that shows you crystal clear results. If these are addressed, then you don't need to worry about anything else on the computer.

Choose an SSD as your primary storage to get faster speeds across your system. You can couple that with an HDD for secondary storage. A very high-quality SSD contributes to better rendering, loading, and export speeds.

Next, you should have at least 8GB of RAM for a smooth and lag-free editing experience. After that, you can get the processor and video card of your choice and according to your budget. Then, get yourself a good monitor that has an excellent refresh rate and possibly an AMOLED or OLED panel.

3. Watch Video Editing Tutorials

The best way in which you can become a good editor is by watching other videos and learning from them. Yes! Learning should never stop when you are into this business. In the world of editing, things are always changing and evolving to a whole new level.

That is why you have to keep yourself updated about everything around you. You should pick out some reliable and popular editors and watch all of their tutorial videos on the internet as a beginner. In addition, many websites offer free video editing courses to amateurs.

So, learn from them. The more you learn, the more you know, and the better you can implement them in real-time.

The best part about becoming a video editor is that several resources are available for free from where you can learn. They will help you to work on your skills and acquire the right set of skills and knowledge to work on more advanced projects in the coming days. Never give up on the process of learning in this field.

4. Practice Some Habits

In every profession, there are some habits that can completely change the way you work. The same goes for video editing as well. The first habit you should work on is never to forget to keep a backup of your work. Backing your files in the system or on a cloud server is of huge importance when you are a video editor.

A small mistake or error can erase hours of work. Next, you should never overuse any resources. Just because you have them doesn't mean you need to keep using them over and over again. This will ruin the original essence of a video.

Never ignore the quality of the audio that is coming out from the audio. This is a habit that a lot of people can't always stay committed to. They don't like spending hours correcting the audio in their projects. But, you should always focus on the audio, just like you do with the video.

Lastly, you have to learn how to be patient. If you are impatient in this field, then your career will soon be over. There will be many instances where you will spend days and still not get one edit right. So, be ready for it.

Final Words

Making films and videos has become the talk of the town in recent times. Almost 80% of the population has indulged in making some sorts of videos and posting them on social platforms. So, are you also willing to be a good video maker and editor?

Then these are some tips that you need to focus on in the coming days. In order to become a good editor, you have to pay attention to both the technical and psychological aspects of video editing.

So make sure to check them out and follow them in real life. Give it some time, and you will see that you are slowly becoming the editor you have always dreamt of becoming in the near future.

June 20, 2021

10 benefits of link building for your business

 A man and a woman high fiving in the office

If you're running your own business, you probably know that good SEO is essential for it. However, we're not talking just about picking the right keywords here. It goes far beyond that. If you want to do everything as you should, you need to focus on many more things, and getting backlinks is one of the most important among them. If you don't yet know much about it, when you look at all the benefits of link building for your business, you'll want to put it at the heart of your SEO strategy.

What is link building?

As you could guess from the name, it's a process of getting links to your site. However, there is a way how this is done. You can't post links to your website everywhere on the internet. Your link needs to be relevant and make sense for the place where it is.

If you ignore this and try to go for a scattergun approach, you won't boost your rank. On the contrary, you'll probably hurt it this way. You need a balanced strategy and plenty of connections to other authorities in your niche. If you want to get your home-based business off the ground, this is the only way to do it.

Now that you know what you should aim for let's get into the benefits.

When you build links, you make digital doorways to your site.

A man researching the benefits of link building for your business on a laptop

1. Links give you credibility

Links show how authoritative your website is. The more high-quality examples you have, the better you'll do. The goal here is to get users the information they're after when they need it. And if you can help Google do this, you'll do well.

When people mention you or use your link as a source, it shows that they trust you. And if they trust you, that's a good sign that your credibility factor should grow. At least that's how search engines look at it. However, your links need to come from other trusted sites. One good link is better than ten bad ones; remember that.

2. Google uses links to determine rank

If you don't build links, you're not accounting for more than half of Google's ranking considerations. And, if you don't have any links, it's almost impossible even to rank your site. This should make it clear how much Google cares for these.

We don't have to explain that if you have more backlinks, you'll rank better. Hence, you'll be in front of your competitors. If you believe that this is too much for you to handle at the beginning, it pays off to work with a company like Professionals already know all the tricks in the book. In essence, they'll do the whole job for you.

3. You'll get more traffic

When your links are at the right places, they attract relevant audiences. You'll get visitors from industry authority sites, and these are the people you want to become your customers.

Now, with the right targeting, you'll improve traffic from external sources, that's clear. However, you'll boost your organic traffic as well. With time, your site becomes more relevant so that it will show on SERPs more often.

Among the biggest benefits of link building for your business is that more people will visit your site.

A Google search for analytics on the phone.

4. Your site metrics and SEO scores will be better

There are a few ranking metrics that all SEO savvies are interested in:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Page Rank (PR)
  • Alexa Rank

Seeing these metrics rise is always a good signal for the strength of your domain, and that's what will happen if you build links properly. So, this is one of the benefits of link building for your business. Your site health will increase, and it will be more visible and better exposed.

5. More sales and greater revenue opportunities

Understanding this one is easy. When your metrics and traffic rise, you get more chances to build strong revenue. As we already mentioned, your site will appear higher in search results, so more people will visit it.

All of them are your potential customers. You'll sell more products and earn more money. But, you might want to improve the visual aspect of your branding strategy at this time. If you want people to buy from you, they need to remember your brand.

6. Better relationships within your niche

To build relevant links, you'll have to be connected to authority players in your niche. On a competitive scene, that may sound a bit scary. However, it doesn't have to be. Look at it this way. You'll get to meet other like-minded people, so you'll probably like them. And you might even get a chance to collaborate with some of them. With these, you can up your game easily.

7. You'll stand out as an authority voice

We all want our businesses to be at the forefront of our industries. And this is where sustained link building can help. If you play your cards right, people will start seeing you as a trusted figure. So, you'll get higher revenues and better sales because of that.

Not only will your company benefit, but you will too. When you start dominating the conversations in your field, it'll be a lot easier to sell your product.

If you do it for long enough, you'll become the authoritative voice in your niche.

A man explaining something.

8. Non-stop referral traffic

Once you have a permanent link on an authority site, you'll see regular traffic coming from it. It's a new form of marketing that you should embrace. And when you compare it to the old one, it's easy to see why. When your ad stops, you don't get any traffic from it. However, referral links work for the long term.

9. Greater visibility and exposure

We already mentioned this, but it's a big thing, so we feel it deserves a spot on the list. Here, we want to explain how link building can help with lead generation. For instance, if you want to raise awareness for your brand in a particular location, this is a great way to do it.

Find a niche site popular in the area and reach out to them with some content. Writing a guest blog post is the easiest way to get a link. And if you run out of ideas, remember that your Google search is your blog topic ideas.

10. Lower bounce rates

If people visit one page on your website and then leave, you can consider them bounced. And that's what bounce rates are all about. To make them stick around for longer, add internal links into the mix.

Users will see more of your content, and Google will be able to navigate your site. So, you're winning on two sides. That's why this is the final of the benefits of link building for your business.

Meta description: Learn what are the 10 benefits of link building for your business, including what you will get if you start with it, and which way you should go.

June 13, 2021

The Digitalization Of Everyday Life

How Far We've Come And What We Can Expect

cardmapr-nl- X H2 J Fg T4 Abc-unsplash

The Digitalization Of Everyday Life: How Far We've Come And What We Can Expect

After years of predictions, the digital era is here. In fact, the last year has cemented that fact. It is now commonplace for employees to work completely remotely thanks to video conferencing technology, businesses use name generators for name ideas, and consumers turn to their mobiles for online research on a product before heading in-store. The progress made in digitalizing our everyday lives has been nothing but remarkable. In fact, from 2017 to 2024, spending on digital transformational technologies rose from $0.6 to $2.39 trillion. By 2025, the digital transformation market is expected to hit $3.3 trillion,according to predictions by Research and Markets. Yet, with such transformational changes, there have been both successes and failures. While the digitalization of everyday lives has mostly been welcomed, there are a few roadblocks it has created. However, there is no denying that it has transformed life as we know it - and will continue to in the coming years.

The Future: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

According to a recent article in the Business Standard, businesses will prioritize digital transformation spending on augmented/virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence this year. Rounding up the Top 6 will be the Internet of Things (IoT), BFSI, and retail consumerism. This makes sense since robotics process automation revenue is pegged to reach almost $2 billion in 2021.

This year has been dubbed the year of artificial intelligence and robotics. In the highly anticipated CES 2021, Samsung introduced two AI-powered companions that focus on Bot Care, and LG introduced its autonomous disinfecting robot??- fast-tracked to aid in the pandemic. Similarly, the payments and restaurant industries have accelerated their digitalization plans by using contactless payments and digital menus powered by scannable codes??in their bid to shift to touchless technology. This makes payment easier and reduces contact between staff and customers. However, with the rise of robotic technology, concerns have been growing over the rapid pace of digitalization and what it could mean for life.

The Bad: Isolation And The Increasing Decline Of Human Connectivity

On one hand, digitalization has both created and replaced jobs. With the advancements in robotic technology like logistics, cleaning, or the transport industry, many have feared that robots are taking their jobs. Also, millions of employees have found themselves having to retrain later on in their careers.

Digitalization has also created more instances of loneliness being reported. Loneliness and isolation affect one-fifth of the population in the U.S. With the continued growth of technology, human connection is becoming a thing of the past. Companies are using chatbots for customer service, and outsourcing their business processes to bump up profits. More recently, Amazon opened its fully automated supermarkets, giving a glimpse of what the future may look like.

The Good: More Chances To Create Cheaper, More Effective Business Services

On the bright side, digitalization has opened doors for better business management. Thanks to technology, businesses can now offer 24/7 customer service. Digitalization trends like robotics and artificial intelligence have also paved the way for lower operating costs, and allow businesses to better cater to customer needs. Using artificial intelligence and big data, businesses can now analyze customer behavior and plan for upcoming trends. Robotic technology has also meant that overheads (labor costs) have been reduced, and productivity is up in many industries.

While the digitalization of everyday life has its pros and cons, there is no denying that it has certainly changed lives. Everywhere you look - in your home, your workplace, and your shopping habits - life has been transformed by digital technology.

June 6, 2021

7 biggest benefits of CRM platforms

Two businessmen discussing the biggest benefits of CRM platforms

There are??numerous benefits of CRM platforms that can help you better organize your business operations. From increasing productivity to providing a better customer experience, many companies use these systems to improve daily workflow. It allows them to systematically organize data and numerous reports in one central hub and easily access all relevant information. On top of that, you can track innumerable metrics to see if additional aspects of your business require improvements.

What are the most significant benefits of CRM platforms?

CRM platforms are a??great option when you need solutions that can be used across several departments. To start with, CRM can collect a large amount of important information about your audience. With access to customers' preferences, demands, and activities, you will know precisely how to establish and maintain relationships and??improve your business. Also, CRM provides you with the correct data about your internal operations so you can analyze and improve them.

Even though the benefits may be different depending on the industry, there are seven major benefits of CRM platforms, in general:

  1. CRM improves efficiency
  2. Offers deep reporting and analytics
  3. Makes collaboration easy for team members
  4. More efficient data visualization
  5. Better customer segmentation
  6. Helps you personalize the outreach
  7. Improves customer relationships

1. CRM improves efficiency

One of the most significant advantages CRM platforms offer is automation.??Many tasks and daily routines can be automatized to create an easier and more efficient workflow. Of course, not every niche is the same, and some focus on different tasks more. For example, CRM solutions, like??MoversTech CRM, are specialized to improve the efficiency of moving businesses. They focus on providing a better customer experience and improvement of often complex day-to-day operations. On the other side, other companies may focus more on outreach improvements and require CRM specific for their industry. Regardless, CRM improves the handling of countless smaller tasks, otherwise conducted manually.

 An illustration of a man in a suit having problems with multitasking.
CRM is essential to make multitasking more efficient.

2. Offers deep reporting and analytics

Most businesses use numerous reports from different sources, like Google Analytics,??social media, and analytical software, on a regular basis. But, without a central hub of information like CRM, it's easy to lose touch with reports from all over the place. You need to??organize everything in one place??to make sense of it one way or another.

This is where using quality CRM solutions becomes crucial. Its most significant benefit, in this case, is to collect, sort out, and organize reports, collected data, and results of different metrics. An advantage that CRM platforms offer is that they go deeper from an analytical standpoint as well. You can later use these reports to check if there is a possibility to improve certain operations like customer service, lead acquisitions, sales, and more.

3. Makes collaboration easy for team members

Every business collects data like contact information, customer interaction, numerous instructions, and many more. However, sometimes it can be challenging for each team member to find the correct information at a given moment. Not to mention how it increases in difficulty when the entire team needs to collaborate. This is why a??CRM platform can be a perfect solution for serving relevant information when needed. With the current state of development, many platforms allow members to simultaneously work on the same documents. Simply put, this is essential for any business because it keeps all information in check, up-to-date, and accessible for everyone in your company with credentials.

Pictures of team members against a blue background where some of them are working remotely.
Collaboration will be much easier, especially for remote positions.

4. More efficient data visualization

Without CRM, it can be difficult to visualize all the data and records in your possession. You would have to manually process reports and find a way to create graphs and charts. Luckily, a CRM platform can complete most of the work for you. You can use the CRM dashboard without much effort and??configure how you want your data to be represented. It can do it separately for any metric or the conditions you set up. As a result, every team member will get what they need in an organized manner.

A man in a suit looking at graphs and charts on his tablet.
You can easily visualize any type of data with CRM platforms.

5. Better customer segmentation

In a customer-oriented world, much attention is directed toward the classification of customers. This is often regarded as customer segmentation. Companies often have thousands of contacts, and organizing everything in a meaningful way is time-consuming and overwhelming. This is another section where CRM is an irreplaceable solution. You can set different criteria, and??CRM will automatically complete the segmentations the way you want. Whether it's grouping contacts by name, age, preferences, or any given combination.

6. Helps you personalize the outreach

Another benefit of CRM platforms is that you can personalize the outreach for manual and automated campaigns. Without much effort, you can??set up countless automated tasks to target a specific audience. It will be conducted in a more personal way that triggers when criteria are matched. However, you can also use it to exclude some of your contacts from your campaign if it's not intended for them. In other words, depending on the tasks you want to accomplish, there are situations when it's??not good to automate.

7. Improves customer relationships

Without a doubt,??CRM platforms are great tools that can help you improve relationships with your customers. Besides making routine tasks easy, you can use it to provide a more personalized experience. CRM can help you analyze and connect customers with specific requirements and needs with the most suitable agents. Thanks to the excellent segmentation and quality reports, your team members will know exactly who needs to answer, how to approach the situation, and what solutions to offer. Giving this kind of attention to customers and making them feel like individuals will increase their satisfaction.

Call service agent talking to a client.
More personalized approach improves customers??? satisfaction

CRM platforms have become an essential tool for any business.??From organization to automation, there are numerous benefits of CRM platforms. In general, they are a central hub of organized information available at any moment, which can help you establish better communication with your potential clients. Additionally, it can also improve communication and information flow for your teams. As a result, teams that utilize CRM demonstrate increased efficiency and help your business succeed.

Meta description: Read about the 7 biggest benefits of CRM platforms that can help your business operations and increase the number of satisfied clients.

May 16, 2021

How social media can move your moving business forward

Find all about how social media can move your moving business forward. What are the points you should focus on and how to overtake the competition

Social media written on a white background

These days, social media is a proven and vital part of society. It's no longer if you want to be on it, but you need to. People can't imagine the world without platforms that help them get connected. No one has time to share their images through email or reach their friends by phone. This, of course, has an impact on businesses also. So, today, we're talking about how social media can move your moving business forward.

According to surveys, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three platforms you should focus on as a marketer. With these, you can extend your reach, get to your target audience, and engage with them. And not only that. If you're trying to get your home-based business off the ground, you can't do without these.

As you can see, you shouldn't underestimate the influence and reach of social media. So, let's talk about ways these networks can help you propel your business forward and how you can utilize them.

A phone with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter installed on it.
These three social media networks will give you the most for your effort.

Increasing exposure, creating brand recognition and loyalty

If you're running a moving business, the first things you should focus on are raising awareness and building brand recognition. People love to get services from brands they recognize and trust.

Social media is perfect for this for a couple of reasons. The most important among them is that it's easy to put your brand in front of your target audience. In fact, this is one of the most significant benefits of using it. Now, there are plenty of ways to get a bigger audience. Basically, if you want to increase your social media following, you need to be worth following. You should create quality platform-specific content to connect with your audience. Focus on the visual elements through the images and videos. Tell stories and offer advice about what interests your target audience. This way, they'll trust you, and that's what you need to build loyalty.

Social media can drive traffic to your website

Although organic site visits are important, you shouldn't focus solely on them. In addition, use social media to drive traffic to your website. More than 80 percent of the business do this, so it obviously works. In fact, as little as an hour a day spent on social media can boost your website quite a bit.

Having a strong presence on social media can also boost your organic traffic. Social media helps with brand awareness. If you bring value to their lives, people will talk about you with their friends. And you can be sure that the people who hear about what you do for the first time will visit your website.

However, to make sure your audience talks about you, your content needs to be unique and sharable. The more you're mentioned, the more people will go through your lead funnel, and more of them will reach your service offering page. So, always make the share button visible and prominent.

One of the best examples of how social media can move your moving business forward is by increasing your website visits.

A person researching how social media can move your moving business forward on a laptop.

You'll be able to keep an eye on the competition

Although this may not be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think about how social media can move your moving business forward, getting insights from the marketplace is another upside we want to talk about.

We all know that in the moving business, competition is fierce. So, it pays out when you can monitor and learn from their performance. This process is called competitive analysis, and it's all about learning from the successes and mistakes of your competitors. However, you'll also get a chance to see where you are compared to your competition.

You can look into how they interact with their followers, what kinds of things they post, and if they're offering something you're not. You'll quickly figure out where they outperform you and what are the areas in which you're ahead. There's a chance you need to update your services, or maybe improving the visual aspect of your branding strategy is all you need. Whichever problem there is with your business, social media will help you put your finger on it more quickly.

You'll generate more leads

If it's not obvious by now, social media does help with generating new leads. However, you can get leads using many methods. So, you might wonder why this one is different. Well, the leads you acquire from social media are generally of higher quality. And the reason for this is advanced targeting.

When you're promoting something on social media, you get to choose who you want to promote it to. Therefore, these are excellent tools for collecting top-of-funnel leads. Here, we're talking about people in the awareness and consideration stage of their buyer's journey.

Make an eBook explaining how to pack some of your belongings, or even better, an explainer video about it. Then share it with your potential customers. Here are some basic guidelines you should stick to.

  • Create content that your followers may be interested in. It should be straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Include images that are on-brand. They should be visually appealing but also relevant to the content.
  • Finally, make a call to action that creates a sense of urgency.

Leads and connections are the two most important things in the moving business, and social media helps you create plenty of quality ones.

Two hands reaching for each other.

Social media will help you establish your brand as a leader

It's not a secret that moving companies that establish themselves as leaders in the niche get the most calls. This is business 101, so there's no surprise here. The best thing about it, however, is that social media can help you do this.

It won't be easy, but with the right tactics, you can get there. In essence, you need to regularly post content in which you'll showcase your expertise, opinions, and thoughts. Coming up with great ideas for blog posts constantly isn't something anyone can do. But you can outsource this part of the job. This way, you'll have time to focus on more important things, like providing your customers with the quality service they deserve.

With time, your website will gain authority, and you'll become a top mover in your area because of it. This is not a quick process, but it will be worth it. As you can see, there are many ways how social media can move your moving business forward. So, don't wait and miss the opportunity that is in front of you the whole time.



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