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99% Of What's Taught In SEO Is BS.

When I talk to aspiring marketers who want to learn SEO, I often hear the same things. Ramblings about useless tools, shiny objects, and obsessions that will never get them anywhere. Why is this happening?

There's So Much Focus On The Wrong Stuff

The majority of what is covered on YouTube, podcasts, and articles online is fluff. Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you read an article that gave you real, practical steps to improve your SEO that worked?

Unfortunately, many of the so-called "SEO experts" don't teach any helpful information, whatsoever. It's all not related to your business, or it's all centered around tools.

Tools Don't Get You Traffic

I think SEOs like talking about tools because they are cool. It's fun to imagine there are these "shiny bullets" or "secret buttons" that will finally rank your website #1. But the real world doesn't work like that.

I know several SEOs (myself included) who have ranked many businesses in Google without ever using a keyword research tool. These tools don't solve any problems in the SEO process. (Hot take, I know)

Hear me out.

When it comes to keyword research tools because they are commonly taught by many SEO instructors they are useless. You, your competition, and every other business in your niche are using them. Because of that, you're all getting the same topic ideas and keywords!

Now imagine if your competition is trying to create content about the same topics yeah, you're going to have a bad time!

So what gets you results? And what should you do to come up with content topics instead? Well, I'll be getting to that in just a second. But first

You need to stop listening to the majority.

Podcasts Suck...For A Lot Of SEOs

When I ask business owners or marketers where they are learning SEO, I hear "podcasts" more often than I used to.

There are a lot of issues with trying to use podcasts to learn search engine optimization as a skill.

You'd be surprised how many SEO podcast websites I've visited where it's nearly impossible to find episode 1, or they don't even have it listed in their catalog of episodes. On top of this, though, podcasts aren't in any sort of logical order. Oftentimes it's just random topics depending on who a podcast host is interviewing any given week.

There isn't any rhyme or reason to what they are teaching, and this makes the process of learning SEO overwhelming, daunting, and more complicated than it needs to be.

Okay, but what about video?

YouTubers Need Content

Unfortunately, video isn't much better. Not only do you encounter the exact same issues that you would with podcasts, but YouTubers need content. That means they're going to try and talk about as many things as they can about SEO.

To illustrate this point, I did a search on YouTube for "SEO beginner guide". Here are the 3 results that pop up:

Clicking on the first result leads me to a video from Ahrefs. Thankfully, they have timestamps on their video so it's easy to skip around and see what they are talking about. This reveals an unfortunate truth: 99% of the video is not important and is a waste of your time!

They are teaching exactly what I mentioned earlier: using shiny objects (their keyword research tool.) In fact, the majority of the video takes place inside of their tool. Again, using a tool doesn't get results.

I will give credit where it's due. They do talk about a few valid things like guest post outreach and analyzing search intent. But these are two very short portions of their overall long video, clocking in at over an hour and 57 minutes.

You also have to be wary of channels that are trying to go out of their way to sell you on courses. They'll give you some information, but never the bigger picture without buying their "magic bullet" course that solves SEO once and for all for you. And when you do actually dish out a ridiculous amount of money to buy their product, it's a rehash of all the same information you've already heard before.

My Hot Take: Google Algorithm Updates Don't Matter

Nearly every SEO book, YouTuber, or podcast I've encountered talks in great length about algorithm updates. Most SEO instructors go deep into the history of SEO and how things used to be. But here's the thing: That's literally useless information. I know this is a "hot take", but I have a really big point to make.

Yes, the SEO space grows, changes, and evolves over time. Technology is a chaotic space in general, and search engine optimization falls under the tech sphere.

But what if I told you that not only is there only one thing you need to do with SEO, but that it hasn't changed since the 90s? Would you believe me?

Okay, So What Should I Actually Do?

Here's the truth:

99% of real SEO is content.

Yes, all you have to do is publish valuable content that answers searcher's questions.

This is literally all SEO is, and it hasn't changed since the inception of Google. Publishing 3-5 high quality, original blog posts per week gets you the results you want for your business or website. This is where the majority, if not all of your focus should be when it comes to search engine optimization.

Yes - You Need The Basics

Now make no mistake, you still need to have a strong foundation when it comes to your website. Having a secure, functional, and optimized website is key. You should have a sitemap, a SSL certificate, fast page speeds, and keywords specified for your content.

But this is only 1% of the battle.

Content Is The Only Thing That Ultimately Matters

Even if you mess up everything else, having content still gets you results. Content gets you traffic from Google, which gets you conversions (or people doing what you want them to.) Good content answers questions consumers have in your niche or industry.

The internet is made up of content, and if you want results from Google you have to create it, too. I think people get intimidated by the idea of creating content, but it's actually quite easy to do. All you need is 30 minutes and Google Docs, and you can effortlessly write up an excellent piece.

Most of us are in business because we are passionate about what we do. We already ramble to our relatives and friends about it, so why not write about it too? When you provide value to searchers in your niche, you quickly build trust and authority with not only search engines - but real humans too.

I know a lot of marketers and business owners dread the "C word", but it really shouldn't be that way.

Why Content Should Excite You

Again, I know producing content can look daunting. But instead of associating negative feelings with it, you should associate positive ones instead. After all, once you see the bigger picture content becomes incredibly exciting!

First of all, content does many things simultaneously. As a new SEO, you don't necessarily see these things from the outside looking in. But content does all of these things:

  • It brings people into your website (this happens 24/7, 365 on complete autopilot)
  • It automatically builds trust, authority, and credibility with prospects (turning them into paying customers for you!)
  • It shortens your sales process and saves you time in your business (customers will already know the answer because of your content)
  • It is an asset that becomes more valuable over time for your business
  • It can automatically move prospects along in your sales funnel

But besides all this, there is another reason that content is epic.

The Content Compounding Effect

This is a term I coined over at Local Rank Ninja called the "content compounding effect." Not enough people talk about this in the SEO space online. But content does something incredible.

To explain this, I'm going to illustrate an example.

Let's say I just started a new website, and I have 10 pieces of content published.

Now let's pretend that each piece of content brings in 10 visitors per month.

Well, that's easy mathright?

  1. x 100 = 100 visitors a month.

Not very impressive, sure.

But now let's pretend I publish 100 posts in total.

Naturally, we'd follow the same formula.

So 100 x 10 = 1,000 visitors per month.

Except that we're actually wrong!

Because something happens when you consistently publish content over a period of time.

Because you've done so, now you are an authority in the eyes of Google's almighty algorithm.

Instead of each post bringing in 10 visitors a month, let's say each post is now bringing in 25 visitors a month.

Well, that means you now have 2,500 visitors a month coming into your website!

And again, keep in mind that this is happening 24/7, 365 on autopilot - without you paying a dime.

This is the power of the content compounding effect.

Except it doesn't stop there.

As your domain ages, and more people online link to your content it builds up even more authority. So a year from now, these same 100 posts may now be bringing in 5,000 visitors a month instead of 2,500. Not to mention we've assumedly published more blog posts since then.

That is why content is the ultimate tool for any marketer - let alone SEOs!

Yes, You Need To Have A Blog

When I explain this to business owners, a lot of them are on board until they hear the word "blog" and then they seem to become disconnected. But it's important again to understand the *why* here. You see, a blog is just a page on your website.

Blog posts are much like web pages, except that they're time sensitive or related to a date. All a blog page is is a list of curated pieces of content. Your website automatically updates this page.

It seems like many business owners and marketers believe a blog isn't relevant to their business, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Back in 2016 I ran a computer repair business. I was 19 at the time, and trying to outrank all of the competitors in my city. The way I did this and jumped to the #1 spot was by having a blog and publishing helpful articles.

I still remember one of my best posts was "How to troubleshoot your laptop's WiFi adapter". That post brought in 100s of prospects to my website a month, and gave me the authority I needed to outrank established businesses that had been #1 for over a decade.

You see, it doesn't matter if you're a pizzeria, an ecommerce store, or a different type of business altogether. A blog can 100% be relevant to your business. It's about demonstrating your authority and showcasing you know what you're talking about.

None of This Matters If

Now I am going to throw a caveat in here. Content is 90% of the battle, but there's still 10% you need. A perfect SEO painting consists of three colors.

The Three Cs

You need to have all three of these things in place to rank #1.


We just covered this in-depth, but content really is the bread and butter of our SEO process. Without it, we're failing our attempt to build authority with search engines and humans. Answer questions consumers have in your niche consistently over time.


This one is important, and not talked about enough. You can have educational content, but it definitely shouldn't be dry. Having the ability to explain things in a simple, easy to understand way is everything.

Additionally, you should be able to separate your content from everyone else's. Design a featured image. Lay your content in a format that is easy to digest. Separating yourself from your competitor's content is important if you want to stand out.


Ah yes, this is a perfect example of a feedback loop. While you *will* get this over time from publishing content alone, we want to go out of our way to establish this as early on as possible. You need your name out there in your niche or industry.

Doing things like going on podcasts, guest posting to other websites, and creating YouTube videos are all perfect examples of generating clout around your brand and business. Having mentions of your name and website across the web build E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, and Trust.) Google wants to see this if their algorithm is to consider you an authority in your space.

Notice by the way as a side note, that all three of the methods I just mentioned still involve creating content!

An Important Question To Ask Yourself

Stop reading for a moment and have a serious discussion with yourself. Do you have all three of these things in place? If not, that should be your next step with your SEO. Before you do anything else, having the three Cs builds authority.

Remember: The average time marketers agree it takes to see results with SEO is between 6 months to a year. So the sooner you do this, the sooner it's done and you can shift your focus to content publication.

If you have these three things in place, you can easily achieve your business goals.

Content Solves The Link Problem

"But wait, Gabriel" I hear you saying. "I need backlinks to increase my website authority, or search engines aren't going to give me a chance!" Well, Google actually likes guest posting, since you're still answering searcher's questions with high quality content.

It's a win-win. Website owners get free content and you get some mentions or links back to your website. Again, we're still working with content here.

If all you do is spend time writing - that's time well spent! I know sometimes it can feel like you're not achieving anything since SEO takes some time. But keep at it and remember that this is proven to work.

You Need To Start Writing

Okay, hopefully I've motivated you to get writing. I have a couple suggestions for making the content creation process easier. These are things that will save you from headache and frustration later on.

Write Your Content In Google Docs

I learned early on the hard way what happens if your connection gets interrupted from the WordPress dashboard. Always write your content in Google Docs. It's free, and all you need is a Gmail account.

Google Docs automatically saves your work as you go, so you don't have to worry about losing your blog post halfway through. It also has a share option, so you can easily collaborate with your team or employees and get content done quickly. For guest posting, this is especially useful because you can share the post you are asking them to publish. Site owners like looking over the content before making a decision.

Include Images Every 3-5 Paragraphs

Nobody wants to look at a wall of text! Seriously. Your goal should be to make the content non-intimidating from a glance. Images not only add personality and expression to your content, but they make your content easier to skim.

You can take images yourself, or use stock photos. Pixabay is a great website that gives you free stock photos you can use. Additionally, you can always pay for these but they do get expensive the more you have.

Cite Your Sources

Are you mentioning a statistic in your industry? Or perhaps you are making an argument. Either way, you will want to make sure you state your sources - just like how you were taught in high school. By doing this your content is higher quality and it shows you've done your research.

Good content often has outbound links (or links pointing to other websites) so you need to make sure you include these. This brings me to my next point.

Interlink Your Content Together

Remember: You want your website to be *the* "go to" place for this topic. As you publish more and more articles, you will start to be able to cite yourself. I know that sounds funny, but it's important. Your goal is to ultimately build an educational resource that informs prospects and searchers as best as you can.

Pro Tip: Include An Author Box

An author box, or author bio is a tiny box at the top or bottom of your content. Typically it has the article writer's name, photo, and a brief segment about them. Not only does having an author box build E.A.T., but it also makes you more personal to readers.

They get to see who you are and a little bit about you. This is another one of those things that build trust and authority with both humans and search engines. You can add this for free inside WordPress with the


The majority of what is taught to beginners is fundamentally flawed in the SEO industry. So-called "SEO gurus" are more interested in fueling their wallets than teaching you what actually works. By focusing on content creation, you can grow your business without having to feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

Content moves the needle the most and 90% of your time should be spent on it as a bare minimum. Content is exciting, and when you understand the bigger picture it becomes easier to push yourself to publish blog posts, even if you don't see results in the beginning.

Want To Be A SEO Ninja?

If you want to discover powerful, proven, and effective SEO strategies check out my new book the

Rank Now Blueprint

In it I teach what real SEO actually is, and how to spend your time doing the things that move the needle the most for your business or website.

Mixing Babies and Business

Mixing Babies And Business

The best time to start a new business is when you have a good idea and are in the right place at the right time. And though being home with a baby may not feel like the best time, in many ways, it can actually be a perfect time.

You have a newborn you don't want to leave, you have an opportunity to work from your own home office, and you have a great idea for a business. All you need are a few pointers on how to make that happen.

cryan.com is a website that brings you lots of great information about a variety of topics. Check out hundreds of blog posts to keep you informed and up to date.

Pace Yourself

Those first weeks home with your newborn should be spent healing, adjusting, and bonding. But there are still a few beginning steps you can work on in that time that won't feel too stressful.

Brainstorm your business idea on paper and pencil or even when you're rocking your infant to sleep. Write down everything you come up with, then begin narrowing each idea down until you have one that you feel is both something you'd enjoy doing and can execute from your own home office with the resources you have on hand.

Write a business plan next. This will take several weeks since it involves some research. Your business plan will be your roadmap or blueprint for how you'll bring your business idea to life. You'll include things like how you plan to market your business, where you'll get the funding, and what your long-and-short-term goals are. You can find online templates that can guide you through how to create one and how to make it look professional if you plan to present it to investors.

Mixing Baby and Business

Not only does your home office have to work for you, like ergonomic chairs and proper lighting, but it also needs to work for your baby. When child-proofing your home office, clear out everything from the room so that it is clean and safe, and get rid of any sharp objects or anything that can fall over. Remove anything fragile or breakable (especially if there are other small children in the home). Ensure there is no open flame in the room (e.g., candles or fireplace). And once your baby starts to crawl, make sure there is enough space for them to move around and play safely in the room.

Baby monitors will be one of your most important pieces of office tech. High-definition video monitoring is now the standard, and many are now app-enabled or have Wi-Fi capabilities. Also popular is a digital video camera system that uses your existing wireless network, allowing you to use your computer or smartphone as the receiver. And some models even have an adjustable sensor that monitors the temperature in your baby's room.

You'll want to dress professionally since you'll probably have people in from time to time, appear in video conference calls, or just because looking professional makes you *feel* like a professional. And then there are times when just a classic t-shirt is what you need. Fortunately, you can look great while still being able to breastfeed or pump with stylish and comfortable maternity clothing and easy-to-use and supportive nursing bras.

Helpful Business Tips

With all the worries that naturally come with being a new mother, it's best if you can reduce the number of business worries you could face. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take that will alleviate some of those for you.

How you structure your business can be important since forming it as an LLC, for instance, reduces your personal liability since it keeps your personal and business assets separate. It's also easy to do it yourself, so you don't have to hire an attorney, and there is less paperwork and a lower tax burden, too.

And take advantage of free and easy-to-use business apps like invoice generators that keep track of payments and receipts for you, PDF conversion tools that allow you to convert all your business and marketing files into PDF form for easy sharing, and Facebook ad maker apps that help you market on the biggest social media site in the world.

From baby-proofing your office and using smart business practices like an LLC business structure and fee apps to practical and stylish clothing and state-of-the-art baby monitors, your dream of combining motherhood with a successful business is well within your reach.

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Our family participated in a trunk or treat at my daughter's school this year. Our theme was Disney's Haunted Mansion, which was appropriate since that is our favorite ride, and we had plenty of Haunted Mansion items around the house.

We took this picture of our car moments before Trunk or Treat began just to show you how it looked.

Haunted Mansion Trunk Treat

Four Things We Learned.

There wasn't enough candy! The event was two hours long and after the first hour, we were out of candy! We had plenty of toys, or as I called them "tricks" to hand out, but we didn't have enough candy! There was a bowl of candy in front of the car that was available for kids. I think it would have been better if we had actually handed out candy to the kids. Quite a few people grabbed more than one prize.

Amazon Prime - Our decorations for the Haunted Mansion were mostly items that we acquired from Amazon. Most of the items we purchased were for a Haunted Mansion birthday party. Only one of the items that we purchased said Happy Birthday - we decided not to use it.

Bring Extra Batteries - There was one item that we opened at the event that required batteries and we did not have any extra batteries. If I was to attend the event again, I would certainly bring extra AA and AAA batteries.

Car Power - Our car was used as the power source for the Haunted Mansion blow-up. We purchased an inverter and ran the car's power for the event. However, about an hour into the event, the Toyota Highlander's power went out. We started the engine and turned it off while keeping the battery charged. There are people who have purchased mini-generators to run their blow-ups. Our worked well and I certainly wouldn't purchase a mini generator.

Back Next Year

The event was a lot of fun, and we will definitely be back next year if the event is held.

Whole House Heating with Propane

In the Northern climates, homes can be drafty and are usually kept at a lower temperature to keep heating costs down. In fact, many people in these areas will not heat their homes until it hits a certain temperature and it is not uncommon to spend most of the winter at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the most out of your house heating system, you want to make sure that you install the right type of system for your home. In some cases, this might mean installing gas logs with an insert or a standalone unit in your fireplace. In other cases, it might mean installing a whole-house propane heating system instead of using natural gas or electric baseboard heaters. Here is what you need to know about whole-house propane heating systems and whether or not they would work well for your home.

Propane Tank2022
Photo Credit goes to Randall Mann

What is a Whole House Heating System?

Whole house heating systems are also known as baseboard heating systems. They use either hot water or warm air to heat your home. Warm air is, of course, better because it is not as dry as water and can help increase the humidity in your home. Hot water is, however, more efficient and is the more common option. This system consists of a network of metal pipes that are run throughout your home. The pipes are either connected to your home's central water source or they tap into the water supply from a nearby source. The pipes then run throughout your home and are fitted with metal or wooden panels at every joint. These panels act as a radiator and are where the heat is released.

Pros of Whole House Heating with Propane

There are a few reasons why someone might choose a propane heating system over other systems. Most notably, cost. Propane heating systems, especially when installed as a whole house heating system, are less expensive than other systems. The simplicity of using a propane system also makes it a really good option. It is very little in the way of complicated installation, maintenance, or repair work needed. This makes it particularly good for homeowners who are not as handy or don't have a lot of time to keep up with their systems. As propane systems are usually connected to a nearby water source, they can be used as a source of hot water in your home as well. This is particularly useful in Northern climates where it can be cold enough to warrant keeping your water source cold.

Cons of Whole House Heating with Propane

Propane is not a renewable resource and is a fossil fuel. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources and are not as safe or clean as other types of heating systems. Propane is not as bad for the environment as other fossil fuels, but it does have its negative effects. Iron pipes are used in most propane systems, and although they are coated with a substance meant to protect against rust, they can still be affected. Rust is not something you want to see in your water pipes, and propane can cause this to happen. Whole-house propane heating systems also require certain safety precautions to be in place, which can make installation a little more challenging. Propane systems also require more maintenance than other systems.

Is a Whole House Heating System Worth It?

A whole house heating system is really only worth it if your home is particularly drafty or you are trying to save money on your heating costs. If you have a well-insulated home, you likely won't see any benefit from using a propane heating system. If your home is particularly drafty and you want to save on your heating bills, a propane heating system would be a good option. Propane is significantly cheaper than other forms of fuel, which means you can spend less on your heating costs. Whole house heating systems are a great option if you want a very efficient heating system or if you have a very drafty home. They are not, however, suitable for every home. If you are considering a propane heating system, make sure you know what is involved in the installation process. A professional will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of this type of system and help you determine if it is the right choice for your home.


Whole house heating systems are a great option if you have a very drafty home or if you want a very efficient heating system. They are not, however, suitable for every home. If you are considering a propane heating system, make sure you know what is involved in the installation process. A professional will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of this type of system and help you determine if it is the right choice for your home. If you have a very drafty home, a whole-house heating system is a great option. They are not, however, suitable for every home. If you are considering a propane heating system, make sure you know what is involved in the installation process. A professional will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of this type of system and help you determine if it is the right choice for your home.

Winter Lawn Care

There is nothing quite like a wintry wonderland to bring out the child in all of us. From the fresh blanket of snow that covers the ground to the gentle glow of twinkling lights, winter is a season filled with beauty and wonder. It also presents some unique challenges when it comes to lawn care. It's important to have a plan before you get started on your winter lawn care routine. While there are some things you can do in late summer or early fall that will make your yard easier to manage during the colder months, there are other tasks that will have to wait until springtime. Read on for information on everything you need to know about winter lawn care so that your yard looks amazing no matter what time of year it is!

Snow Lawn

Mow and Edge

Mowing and edging are the first things you should do to prep your lawn for winter. While the ideal cutting height for your lawn varies depending on where you live, the general rule is to cut it as short as possible for winter. The shorter your grass is, the less water it will need, which is especially important during drought years. You may want to get an electric mower for shorter grass, or you can use a reel mower that does not require gas. You may want to consider edging your lawn if you have sandy soil. Edging uses bricks or wooden boards to create a barrier along the outside edge of the lawn to prevent soil from washing away. You may want to edge your lawn if it is sandy, sloped, or has a large amount of foot traffic. To ensure that your lawn is ready for the cold weather ahead, it is essential that you take some time and do the necessary maintenance like mowing, edging, and watering. Lawn maintenance in the winter is important because it can help your lawn survive the cold weather and be in better condition when spring comes around.

Drain Your Lawn

The first step towards preparing your lawn for winter is to drain it as thoroughly as possible. A wet lawn will not only look bad, but it can also be a haven for pests and diseases. To drain your lawn, use a sod roller to break up the soil and help it drain more quickly. You can also use a garden hose to water your lawn, allowing it to run until water starts coming out of the ground. If your soil is especially wet, you may want to consider adding an organic substance like compost or sawdust to help it drain more quickly. Avoid using sand or other inorganic substances, as these can actually clog your soil when they get wet.

Add nutrients

If your lawn has been in the ground all summer, it probably doesn't have many nutrients. To give it a boost and help it get ready for the winter, you can add fertilizer. The best fertilizer for your lawn depends on the type of grass you have, so be sure to read the label to get the right one! If you have sandy soil, you may want to use a fertilizer with higher nitrogen content. On the other hand, if your soil is heavy and full of clay, you may want to use a fertilizer with a higher potash content to help break it up. Choose a fertilizer that comes in granular form and spread it evenly over your lawn. You can also apply it using a fertilizer spreader if you have one. Generally, you will want to apply fertilizer in late fall or early winter.

Lay down a snow blanket

While a layer of snow may not seem like it could have any benefits, it actually has many great qualities that can help your lawn over the winter. Snow can help insulate your soil, keeping it warm so that your grass doesn't die back. It can also help prevent weeds and pests from finding their way into your lawn. If you have light, sandy soil, you can simply allow snow to naturally blanket your lawn. If you have heavier soil, you can use a snow rake to help it settle more quickly. You can also rake leaves and other debris off your lawn to allow snow to settle. If you have an area in your lawn that you don't want the snow to cover, you can add a barrier like straw, wood chips, or even a blanket to keep it off that space. This can help prevent animals from taking shelter on your lawn when the snow comes.

Shoveling and Clearing

Now that your lawn is ready for winter, it's time to clear it of any remaining debris. Remove any fallen leaves, sticks, and weeds. You can also use a rake to clear any other winter debris like acorns, pine needles, or sand that may have blown in while you were waiting for the snow to fall. If you have paths or walkways in your lawn, you may want to lay down a layer of bark mulch or gravel to help them stay clear. If you have a large lawn, you may want to consider hiring a garden service like Lawn Love to do some or all of your clearing and shoveling. Or if you have a smaller lawn, you can do it yourself using a good pair of snow or garden shovels.

Rotating Cultivation

If you have a high-traffic area of your lawn, you may want to consider rotating the cultivation in that spot. This means that you will cultivate the soil in that area in one direction, and then go in the other direction next year. This will help prevent compaction in that area, leading to poor soil drainage and fewer nutrients for your lawn. If you have a high-traffic area of your lawn, you may want to consider rotating the cultivation in that spot. This means that you will cultivate the soil in that area in one direction, and then go in the other direction next year. This will help prevent compaction in that area, which can lead to poor soil drainage and fewer nutrients for your lawn.


Now that your lawn is ready for winter, all that's left to do is enjoy the beautiful season. From the first snowfall to the first spring flowers, there are plenty of things to enjoy when it comes to the winter months. There is nothing quite like a wintry wonderland to bring out the child in all of us. From the fresh blanket of snow that covers the ground to the gentle glow of twinkling lights, winter is a season filled with beauty and wonder. It also presents some unique challenges when it comes to lawn care. It's important to have a plan before you get started on your winter lawn care routine. While there are some things you can do in late summer or early fall that will make your yard easier to manage during the colder months, there are other tasks that will have to wait until springtime.

Outdated Web Design Trends That You Need to Abandon

web designer's setup

Is your website looking a little dated? A terrible website is one of the easiest ways to destroy a potential customer's interest in your business. Most visitors won't stick around for more than 15 seconds if your website looks like it was last updated in 2007. Too many companies still use obsolete, unappealing website design components and functionalities, which causes visitors to bounce before they even learn about what you're offering. If you find that you're using some of these, we urge you to ditch those outdated web design trends as soon as possible.

7 Outdated Web Design Trends That You Need to Abandon ASAP

Does a lot of traffic quickly leave your website? Are you unhappy with the number of monthly visitors you receive? It might be the antique design techniques you're using. Or the fact that you haven't changed a single thing in years. You might not notice, but cryan.com has been around since 1998. And, we have got plenty of chances to learn what our audience likes and what they find infuriating. Here are the seven outdated web design trends you need to abandon the first chance you get.

1. Aggressive Pop-Ups

It's doubtful that a visitor to your site is just killing time. They probably have some information-gathering mission in mind. We've all been there: you've finally found the website you've been looking for, only to have your browsing pleasure rudely interrupted by a window that claims to be from the site's owner. It's OK to seek user emails or other information, but there are more subtle methods than forcefully displaying a pop-up. Instead, you should include a subscription form on your site in a prominent location.

a girl annoyed by the pop ads
Any pop-ups, whether pop-up ads or the subscribe button, are annoying.

2. Too Much Design

Visitors will leave in droves if your website is poorly designed and too busy with content. They will go elsewhere if they cannot quickly and easily grasp the essence of your brand. Your company's identity, brand values, and the products and services you provide will be more effectively communicated with a clean, uncluttered design. The typical internet user lacks the patience to comb through irrelevant material to get what they need. They will leave your site immediately and visit a rival.

3. Ultra-minimalism

To understand why minimalism has become so widespread, you need only consider a few fundamental factors. Users get frustrated with too complex websites. Some programmers have been cramming as much information as possible into the designs for years. But when minimalism expanded too far, it bred monotony and sameness in appearance. With this goal in mind, designers have started using bold color palettes, asymmetrical layouts, and unconventional design approaches to grab the attention of their users.

Experts at wpfullcare.com are very against this method. You have to make your website recognizable at all costs. A super minimalistic approach just won't cut it. Your website will look too much like a thousand others. However, that does not mean you must give up on simplicity altogether. Still, a good structure and a non-distracting backdrop make information easier to take in. No matter the topic, whether it is how to boost your self-assurance at school or the top five detective books, the website in question should be straightforward. So, be sure to provide visitors with the information they need. Remember that people have come to you for knowledge; if you don't find it, they will go elsewhere.

4. Flash

Since the invention of HTML5, Flash has mostly been rendered obsolete. Flash used to be the most cutting-edge technology of its day. It allowed web designers to add moving images, music, and interactive features to their sites. But it also had a lot of problems, and the frustration for users has gotten even more intense. Plus, Flash is incompatible with mobile devices. But the biggest issue with Flash is that it slows down search engine optimization (SEO). And it also requires a plugin for the browser and is notoriously difficult to install, and has serious security concerns. After you're done reading this, we're sure you'll run to ditch these outdated web design trends. If you want some inspiration for your website's new design, feel free to get inspired at Dribble, where you can find some amazing ones.

5. Cheezy stock images

Using stock images is not necessarily wrong. Stock images are an excellent option for customers that lack the resources to produce their own business photographs. However, there was once a period when "poor" (read: very corny and unrealistic) stock images were the height of fashion. There is still a widespread presumption that a shot of two people shaking hands in a bright conference room indicates trust. So you'll see websites using this style of photo nowadays. But you'll be so wrong if you believe this. Sometimes, it's just better not to use pictures at all and add a random background generator to make your post look more attractive.

shaking hands with a businessman
These cheesy stock photos are a prime example of outdated web design trends. Using your own images is better if you plan on including something like this.

6. A Never-Ending Scroll

An endless page with a list of items is advantageous if you manage an online business. However, this is not the case for an informative or business project. This page prevents users from accessing the footer, which includes valuable information and connections. Because of this, it is crucial to analyze user behavior; otherwise, how can you foresee their requirements?

7. Desktop Hamburger Menus

The "hamburger" menu on websites consists of three horizontal lines piled on top of one another and located to the right of the main navigation bar or menu. When a visitor clicks on one of these menus, a submenu appears, providing even more options for them to explore. This icon is great for mobile devices since it makes navigating a website's layout easier. On desktop PCs, however, the hamburger menu is more of a distraction than a help.

designing a websit
Save the "hamburger" menu for the mobile web.

The bigger display of the desktop version might make the hamburger menu a challenge. Many people would be surprised to see it appear on their desktops, and some may not know how to use it. Web visitors are far less inclined to look around if they have trouble navigating your site's design. When designing for a bigger screen, don't utilize the hamburger menu; instead, save it for mobile web design. Although this is not precisely one of the outdated web design trends, it's best used only for the mobile web.

Taking Care of Your Most Valued Business Asset: You!

Personal Business Assets

The work of an entrepreneur means constantly trying to figure out ways to be better, faster, and stronger. It's essential for entrepreneurs to make time for self-care so they can maintain a good state of mind.

The term self-care is defined as a conscious act a person takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health.

There are many benefits for entrepreneurs who take care of themselves. Self-care can help with stress relief, boost creativity and productivity, improve mental health and reduce the effect of burnout. But not all business owners are willing to take time out of their busy schedules for self-care. Some feel like they can multitask and put their mind on autopilot. This is not a healthy way of thinking, only serving to make time for self-care that much more difficult.

To help you get a better handle on self-care, we put together the following tips.


It's common for entrepreneurs to get too few hours of sleep per night. Not getting enough sleep can cause serious issues with your mental and physical health. To get enough sleep, it's important to set a schedule, like going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Create a bedtime routine that would give you enough time for relaxation, and remember to limit your screen time before bed, usually turning off all your electronics one hour before bedtime.


It's also common for busy people to eat poorly, often going for whatever is fast and convenient. The long-term effects of this type of lifestyle exact a heavy toll on your health, however. Make it a point to eat more leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, which provide folate and iron, while spinach has antioxidants that may protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease.

Dark purple, red, blue, and orange fruits contain carotenoids, which are known to help prevent eye diseases like cataracts in aging adults. Fruit also provides fiber, which is great for lowering cholesterol levels, and it gives us vitamins C, A, B6, and E, all of which have powerful antioxidant properties that fight cancer cells.


Exercise is not only important for your health but also for your mental well-being. Whether you want to escape from stress or just want to be able to control your emotions better, exercise is essential. Exercise is proven to increase focus and productivity as well as improve mood and creativity and relieve pain and tension.

It isn't necessary to have a gym membership, though there can be real value in having one, but regular exercise can simply be a daily walk or run at your local park or even around your neighborhood. Or you can look for ways to set up a workout space in your own home. Invest in resistance bands, dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a yoga mat.

Tap Into Business Tools

There are several benefits of forming an LLC if you're running a business With an LLC, you're not personally on the hook for business expenses. LLCs have simpler record-keeping rules and you get to decide how you're taxed. Not only can forming an LLC be good for business, but it can relieve stress as well. While you can do this work on your own, there are affordable services online that make business formation easier and quicker. These services will file all the necessary paperwork with your state and then provide you with the documents you need.

Online tools can also limit your work stress. For example, if you're communicating with remote freelancers or employees about ideas and you have a large PDF file with many images, you can edit a PDF by utilizing a free PDF editor tool to add text, sticky notes, highlights, drawings, and more to these files. This allows you to easily specify any suggestions or changes you might need without having to send lengthy emails.

It is easy to let the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business take over your health and well-being. However, for long-term gains, it's crucial to make self-care a priority. Focus on getting better sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and using helpful online tools. The results will be worth the effort!


Over the next few week, I'll be exploring some of the features of Pictory.ai.

About Pictory

Pictory is the essential tool for ambitious, growing businesses. Create powerful videos with Pictory. Convert Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, and Case Studies to Short Summary Videos. Online software. Free Sign up. Easy To Use.

First Sample Video

For starters, here's a sample video that I created using the "How Poor Boys Become Successful Men" from the quotes section. I only used the first 30 tips.

Factors to Consider When Creating a Mobile SEO Strategy

A hand grasping a mobile device

Mobile SEO refers to the practice of combining search engine optimization with responsive design in such a way that the site's text and visuals can be viewed in an optimal manner on handheld devices. This type of SEO can produce a fantastic consumer experience if you can execute it properly. Sites that adhere to mobile-first SEO strategies look great on any device, regardless of the size of the display they are viewed on. However, mobile SEO can be quite complicated if you have never done it. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make your website look better and run more smoothly on mobile devices, here are some factors to consider when creating a mobile SEO strategy.

Why Is Mobile SEO So Important?

The number of active handheld devices in the country has increased dramatically over the years, and this trend is expected to continue. This is not surprising. The smartphone has become an essential part of people's daily lives and the primary channel through which businesses can promote and, more importantly, build relationships with the public. This is without even mentioning how big social media is. It means that the focus of SEO will increasingly shift from the desktop to the smartphone. In fact, Google's mobile-first index is already laying the groundwork for this to occur.

A person holding a phone with the Google search bar displayed.
To create a mobile SEO strategy, you need to understand how different desktop and handheld users are.

Because of this social landscape, many businesses have modified their strategies to meet the needs of this new customer. However, most companies attempt to do so without understanding the fundamental differences between handheld and desktop users. We're not just referring to the fact that the screen sizes differ. Customers also approach the two distinct forms psychologically. For example, when it comes to PPC, the same rules don't apply between the two groups. Smartphone users are much more impatient; they are not confined to their homes and can leave whenever they want. Only if you understand the differences will you be able to plan your approach to mobile SEO accordingly.

Your Website Needs To Load Quickly

The loading speed of your website is a critical aspect of the mobile experience. Even more so than on desktop. When people look for information on the move, they want it quickly. If your website does not load quickly, they will leave. Therefore, the best thing you can do to retain leads on your mobile site is to enhance its load speed. If you don't know how fast your website is loading, you can find many useful tools on Google that offer you some insight. You may use these tools to determine where your site performs well and where it needs to improve. In mobile SEO, loading speed is essential. However, if you want to keep the load speed of your website quick, some of the things that you can do are:

A woman on her phone while walking outside, showing one of the factors to consider when creating a mobile SEO strategy
Mobile users will not wait long for your page to load before leaving.

It's possible to hire a digital marketing firm to handle your mobile site's page speed optimization if you don't know much about coding or don't have the time. This is great because it will allow you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about the technical aspects of it.

It Needs To Have a Responsive Design

A mobile-friendly website requires responsive design. When you employ responsive design, you guarantee that your website adjusts to whatever device a user is on. When we are talking about mobile devices, we are not just talking about smartphones. You will need to ensure that the viewers get the optimal mobile experience, whether it's a smartphone or tablet. Integrating responsive design makes it easier for your audience to navigate your site.

If you don't do this, you could find yourself in a situation where your website looks great on some devices while it is crammed and illegible on others. Forcing your viewers to constantly zoom in and out to see your website's content will increase your bounce rate. If you don't want this to happen, you need to make sure that you have a responsive design for a wide range of screen sizes, not just the regular 5.5-7.1 inch smartphone displays.

Create Material With a Focus on Mobile Readability

As we've already mentioned, visitors should not have to pinch-zoom, squint, or do anything else to read the material on your mobile web page. If they have to do it, most of them will leave. There is nothing worse for your mobile SEO than having visitors leave because of such a simple and easily correctable error. However, many small businesses make this mistake when developing a website. Therefore, examine your website's content using a handheld device to see how it reads.

A woman lying in bed, reading on her phone
It is critical to ensure that your content is readable when creating-a mobile SEO strategy; otherwise, your visitors will not want to read it.

If you want to ensure that your mobile website is easy to read, try to keep paragraphs short. This allows your readers to read your content in small doses. It also allows them to take their gaze away from the device and check their surroundings without losing track of what they are reading. You should also use a 14px font because it is easy to read on a small screen. In addition to that, make sure your text and background have a lot of contrast to make it easier for mobile viewers to see your material outside.


Utilizing every one of the strategies, tools, and configurations we have discussed up until this point should be a part of your effort to optimize your mobile website for search engines. However, it is crucial to remember that Google continues to emphasize the information above all other factors. Therefore, don't just ignore the quality of the content you produce. If you can create engaging content while also incorporating everything else we've discussed today, your mobile SEO will benefit greatly. With that said, hopefully, now you know what factors to consider when creating a mobile SEO strategy and how best to implement them in the future.

Meta Description: If you want to improve your rank on Google, here are some of the factors to consider when creating a mobile SEO strategy.

Improve Communication, Productivity, And Company Culture

austin-distel-mp N7xj K Q_ Ns-unsplash

An intranet is a valuable tool that can help pave the way to business success. Businesses that implemented a social intranet, for example, experienced a 20% increase in employee satisfaction, and an 87% increase in employee retention, a survey by Deloitte found. With the intranet, you can effectively improve employee communication and productivity and strengthen company culture.

Boost communication and productivity

Poor communication hampers communication, productivity, and your bottom line companies with around 100,000 employees lose around $62.4 million every year because of inadequate communication to and between employees, while smaller companies with 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 annually. The average employee, for example, wastes around 3.1 hours every day on emails, and, even so, important announcements can easily be overlooked this way. Intranet, on the other hand, lets you pin headline news and FAQs to the top of the page, making it ideal for company-wide sharing. It can also enhance collaboration between employees; with an intranet, multiple people can work on the same file at the same time without needing to worry about whether they have the latest version. Real-time discussion is also facilitated, so everyone can come to an agreement on the work that needs to be done.

Make information easy to find

Your intranet can function as a trusted knowledge repository for all company information. It is a central location that houses all up-to-date company documents, policies, and procedures, which can be accessed as needed by all your employees. Not only does this streamline your operations and save time, but it also helps ensure compliance (as employees can access current information needed to perform their jobs correctly). Moreover, modern intranet tools like Microsoft PowerApps lets you create custom low- or no-code business apps, which can pull multiple data sources into one platform to be easily accessed daily. A PowerApps Collection can also be used, for example, to save and organize employee information by their names, roles, departments, and so on. Once you have this data collected, you can take it offline and edit or otherwise use it for your business needs.

Strengthen company culture

56% of workers say a strong workplace culture is even more important to them than salary, with over three-in-four workers saying company culture plays a key role in their decision to apply for a position. Fortunately, an intranet can help strengthen your company culture as it offers an easy way for your team to interact and get to know each other in one space the option for employee social media feeds is even available. You can also use the intranet to give props to your employees. By using the intranet to post praise of employees, everyone across the company will be aware of others achievements. The intranet is undoubtedly still relevant in the modern-day. By boosting communication and productivity, making information easily accessible, and strengthening company culture, the intranet can help you pave the way to greater business success.


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to improve your business? Look no further! In these blog series, we'll be sharing some interesting tips and tricks that can help take your business to the next level. From marketing strategies to productivity hacks, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore some of the most effective ways to grow and succeed in the world of business.

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