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Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Most common web design mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them

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Today, every business has to have a website. And it can't be just any old website. You have to put time and effort into it to make it unique and exciting. If you don't go that way and leave your site in poor shape, you'll lose customers. On the other hand, when running a small business, you want to keep the control in your hands, so you might want to have input into how your business website will look. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't stand in the way of your site's good web design. And to help you out with it, we've got a list of-common web design mistakes small businesses make. Read it throughout, and you'll know what you need to avoid.

A Word About Web Design

In essence, web design combines art, marketing, and psychology. So,-there are some rules-that web designers must follow to make the site usable and interesting. Follow the proper practices, and your site will-generate more business leads-than you could imagine.-

On the other hand, if you don't follow all the spoken and unspoken rules, the website won't bring you much good. On the contrary,-it'll harm your reputation. Your site represents your company on the web, and if it's bad, it'll turn people away from doing business with you.-

Here's how to make sure your site isn't a-bad one.-

Too Much Going On

Believe it or not, getting people to click on your site isn't the tricky part.-Making them stay on it-once they're there is the hard thing. And if visitors don't understand what your site is all about in the first couple of seconds, they'll leave.-

Of course, you want them to stick around, but you won't do that by cramming as much info as possible above the fold, which many small business owners do. Do it, and-you'll get a countereffect. You'll make your homepage look crowded, and you'll confuse people.-

So, don't go overboard with text, images, and other things that'll bloat your pages. You want them to look-clean and concise. That said, don't push it too far in the other way either. The goal is to give your visitors just the right amount of information.


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Confusing Branding

Recognizing a ''confused website'' shouldn't be that hard. These sites use different fonts, colors, and themes, and none of them seem to work with each other. It-makes your business look unprofessional, and even if you're a top-notch expert, people will have a hard time trusting you.


So, if you want your visitors to convert,-you need good web design. Your site's-appearance has a meaningful impact-on how people perceive your business, and you can't disregard it. The more sorted your pages look, the more authoritative you'll seem.

To make things right, pick one theme, one logo, and one font to use all over your website. As soon as you start mixing and matching -- you're sliding towards confusion.-

Bad CTAs

Your website is your online store. Even if you don't sell online, people should get encouraged to contact you or visit your physical store when they see your site. And you do that with a Call To Action.-CTAs tell your site visitors what you want them to do.-Here are some examples:

  • Click here
  • Call us now
  • Get discount
  • Learn more about this product

For your CTAs to work, they must be clear, concise, and easily noticeable. Still, you don't want to put them in front of your audience's eyes at any cost. It's good to-let them browse your site for a few minutes before the CTA pops up. This way, you can be sure that they'll care enough to read it, and if it offers some value, they'll click on it.

Bad CTAs are one of the most common web design mistakes small businesses make. Don't let this ruin your site.-

Bad Use of Content and Whitespace

It's a well-known fact that-content marketing can benefit a small business. Through content, you-tell your visitors what your business is all about, and you show off your expertise. However, even if your blog posts are excellent, they won't bring you much good if no one reads them.-

Spend some time picking out the ideal font for your blog and pay attention to how you lay it out. Furthermore, don't make the mistake of leaving long chunks of text everywhere. Instead, use whitespace to make your articles more appealing to the eye and less intimidating. You want to-make your text scannable-so that people can go over it quickly and find what they want to see.-

On top of that, make sure to-update your content regularly. Both Google and your customers will be happy about you keeping them in the loop.

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If you put time or money into your content, you want it to bring results.

Ugly or Irrelevant Images

People love looking at pictures and graphics, and, of course, they're a vital part of web design. Using them correctly will help you get your message across and interest visitors faster. Unfortunately, however, many small companies use low-quality or irrelevant images on their websites, and these don't do them any favors.-

A-blurry image will make your site look cheap-and turn people off. Similarly, a picture with little or nothing to do with your business will only confuse people and make them wonder what you're trying to tell them.-

Thus, always use highly relevant and high-quality pictures and graphics. If you want to save some money, you can always download free stock images.

Missing Your Target Audience

Most small business owners know who their customers are. And if you know your buyer persona as well as your best friend, you're on a good track. However, not thinking about your ideal customers when creating your website is a more common mistake than you might think.-

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is to make your site look and feel the way your clients want. So, think about that. Do they want to see something highly professional, or are they looking for something hip and trendy? Give them what they want, and they'll keep coming back for more.-

A word audience on a whiteboard.
Creating a website for your target audience is vital.


Now you know all common web design mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them. Hence, it won't be hard to create a website for your company that'll bring you great results. Focus on giving your site visitors the best experience, and Google will award you for it.-



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