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October 28, 2018

SmashBurger Fries Size

Smashburger Fry Size seems a bit weird

Is SmashBurger cheating customers?

Earlier this month I took my daughter to Smashburger to enjoy her favorite local Gluten Free cheeseburger. We arrived after spending a day at the Acton Discover Museum and didn't have much for lunch, so she wanted a regular Classic Smash and Fries. She told me that the kid's meal wasn't good enough because she was hungry.

I placed our order: Two Classic Smash (One with Gluten Free Bun) and one with Large ClassicSmash Fries and one with regular fries.

When the order arrived I was a bit surprised and asked the server to confirm our order, and he repeated exactly what I order. The number of fries didn't look that different between the two orders. So I decided to take a picture before we started eating.

Gluten Free Regular_tx

Large Smash Fries_tx

What's Going On?

The Regular Fry looks the same as the Large Fry. There doesn't seem that much of a difference. Here's a copy of the receipt to prove that I ordered correctly.

Smash Burger Receipt


I didn't want to make too much of a deal about the number of fries between the order, as it appears that the server confirmed the order. Afterward, I thought I should have said something since it's very visible that there's very little difference between a large and regular fry size at Smashburger.

In past visits, I do remember a large order of fries being a lot of fries. So I was expecting more fries, but we haven't eaten at Smashburger in a while, so I figured that the distribution might have changed. But there should be a visible difference between a regular and large.

If you're going to Smashburger, and eating in, see for yourself and see if there's a difference between a regular and a large.

September 30, 2018

How Communities Can Fight Back Against the Opioid Crisis

Tips on handling of the Opioid Crisis

Fight Opoid Graphic

We hear it on the news constantly. The number of opioid-use cases is on the rise. We can attribute this drastic incline to over-prescribed medication, heroin, and drugs such as fentanyl. It's an addiction many individuals may struggle to overcome. However, there are so many things that we can do to assist those in need and help to tackle the issue at hand.

Many states are experiencing extremely high rates of opioid-use related deaths. Some of the highest states, such as West Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan, see opioid-use rates as high as 35 deaths per 100,000 individuals.

Now is the time to take action to assist those in need. There are several things you can do to make a difference.

Taking Part

Many community groups seek volunteers to assist with their day-to-day activities. For non-profit organizations, volunteers are practically the livelihood of these organizations. Without volunteers, many non-profits across the country would not be able to assist the communities in which they serve. This is why these types of organizations are constantly seeking help from those who live within the area. If you have the time, consider volunteering your assistance! Help needed ranges from manual tasks, to sorting and delivering supplies and tools to those who are in need.


There are so many organizations that can use donations. Without the help of community members, volunteers, and active members, some charities are unable to function. Consider setting aside a small amount of cash each week or month. Use these spare funds to allocate to different organizations within your community who strive to make a difference. With your assistance, these organizations can properly function and allocate resources to assist at-risk individuals in your community.

Become an Advocate

Whether or not you have first-hand experience dealing with some type of addiction, you can still make a positive change. Advocate for positive measures and enforcements implemented that assist with making our communities drug-free. Several youth organizations and charities have been developed over the years to assist with helping to keep our streets safer. Becoming involved with these types of developments can make a positive impact on our society.

Consider spending time educating others of the dangers of opioid-use. Discussing your knowledge with others, and sharing stories and personal accounts can help to educate communities and bring them together. Consider taking a stance against opioid-use today. What can you do to help your community?

September 16, 2018

An In-Depth Look at Some Urban and Rural Collisions

An In-Depth Look at Some Urban and Rural Collisions

Across the nation, there are safety concerns amongst every major road. Whether the concern is derived from the infrastructure, environmental conditions, or even driver behavior; these factors have the ability to impact the lives of everyday commuters across our nation.

To take a closer look at look at some of the auto incidences that take place we look at a state that hasn't seen a deathless day since late 2000. The state of Texas is estimated to have one person killed every 2 hours and 20 minutes with someone injured from an auto incident approximately every two minutes.

Considering the alarming statistic, we look closer as to what particularly is contributing to these types of accidents:

Car Traffic

Leading Contributors in Urban-area Collisions

With higher population comes with a higher risk for collisions. As commuters in highly populated areas flood major roads each day, their chances for an accident comes higher than that of a commuter in a rural area with fewer drivers on the road.

Some of the findings in more populated roads consisted of speeding, distracted driving, failure to yield, and reckless driving. Focusing on the top contributors in these types of areas can allow industry experts seek ways to promote safety by raising awareness.

Remember that driving behaviors that consists of distracted driving doesn't always mean involve texting and driving. Distracted driving can be anything that derives your undivided attention from the responsibilities of the road. These acts can range from eating and driving, letting your mind wander about the stresses that happened earlier in your day, changing the radio, and so on.

Be sure that if you find yourself in a situation where your focus isn't where it should be, take a moment to pull off the road and collect yourself. Your safety and the safety of other drivers must be a top priority for all commuters.

Contributors in Rural-area Collisions

Although there is a high focus on collisions that take place in areas where the population is substantially higher, it is important to consider other types of accidents as it pertains to the safety of all commuters. Some of the most contributing factors found in rural areas was disregarding warning signs at construction locations, distraction, driving without headlights, and speed control.

Although we can see some small discrepancies within two separate types of commuter areas some of the same negative behaviors are still taking place. Noting these fatal driving behaviors, many seek to find ways in which safety can be enhanced on our roadways. Other experts in auto accidents seek ways to visually demonstrate these numbers such as this Texas car accident resource.

Driving, no matter your location, requires a specific responsibility. Abiding by state laws and providing your full attention and mindful ability to ensure that your focus is on the road is a great way to strive for safety. Whether you're traveling or unfamiliar with the state law, educate yourself on what laws you should be made aware of. Avoid any distraction in your vehicle and always drive with safety as the top priority.

September 9, 2018


Unusual Business at Ocean Edge Golf course

Back in 2014, while playing golf at the Ocean Edge Golf Resort, I saw the following unusual display at the 17th hole:

Kustom Krappers

Sign Next to the Toilet

My name is John Kelliher, Also known as K-MAN. I???ve recently retired after 40 years as a CFO and CPA. My summer house overlooks the 17th tee box. I???ve been playing golf at Ocean Edge for 29 years. As I thought about the next chapter in my life, a FANTASTIC idea as born. There could be a great future in Kustom toilets. As I conducted research & surveyed many Ocen Edge friends & owners, I confirmed there is a market for Kustom toilets. In my case, I???m very proud of my Irish heritage. I???m also a Boston College alum and I LOVE to play golf. So I Kustomized my own

== *: KRAPPER :** ==

I???ve confirmed that there are many like me who after a Koffee & Kruller from Ferretti's would like to settle into the Konfort of a Kustom Krapper for their morning Konstitutional.

If you would like a free Konsultation to discuss your hobbies, interests, profession and how to incorporate them into your very own KMAN KUSTOM KRAPPER call or email me.

Pricing & References @

Creative Marketing

John had a creative way to market an unusual service. I don't know how many people contacted John, but it certainly caught people's attention that day. In the picture, you can see the golf club is being used to flush the toilet.

I am glad I had my phone and took a picture of the display because I didn't see it again the following summer.

No Longer in Business

The domain isn't working anymore. Sadly it looks like John Kelliher died on August 5, 2018. I don't know John, but I still remember that Kustom Krapper.

July 29, 2018


General information about Amazon@Boston

Last week I had my Amazon Prime shipped to a drop/pick up the destination in Boston. This was my first experience with Amazon@Boston.

Amazon@Boston is where you can have packages shipped, even get same-day pickup on some items.

Amazon Boston

Six Things I Learned about Amazon@Boston

  • This is an Amazon storefront. I thought it would be lockers inside 7-11. Was surprised to see Amazon sign on the front.
  • You have three days to pick up your packages otherwise the items get returned.
  • From downtown Boston, the best transportation is the Green "B" line. It's about a 1/2 block walk from the Boston University West stop. This is not a normal stop, so you should hit the notification before arriving at Boston University West.
  • You can return packages here. They have boxes and envelopes available for free. You get same day credit for all returns.
  • To get your package, you have to click on a link in the Amazon app and wait for Amazon to place your packages in one of the lockers. Takes about 2-minutes to get the packages ready for pick-up. Best to activate as soon as you get off the Green line. Once ready, the app will let you know which locker to go to and scan the QR code.
  • There are tools to help open up boxes and envelopes. I decided to open my packages to make it easier to carry on the train.

May 20, 2018

Common Car Maintenance Solved DIY Style

Four Key areas to pay attention to.

Whether you are male or female, there are several complexities behind car issues. For the average motorist, issues that come about from your automobile might be a burden that can be overwhelming to handle. It's a common myth that automotive repair shops tend to tack on extra unnecessary expenses when taking a car into the shop. If you aren't knowledgeable about cars and how they work, this can be a troubling process. It can be difficult to decipher whether or not the issues that are being discussed are legitimate or not.

It might be a good idea to pick up the phone and call your closest friend who is handy with vehicle repairs. For others, reaching out to close relatives or siblings who have some car knowledge might be another option to ensure they aren't getting ripped off at the shop.

However, there are several ways you can avoid the process of not knowing the verbiage or lingo behind mechanics who are working on your vehicle. You can conduct a few vehicles preventative maintenance routines from the comfort of your own home.

Car Maintenance Header

Oil Change

Conducting your own oil change is one of the most overlooked car maintenance tasks. If you have ever taken your car to the shop for this type of job, you know that it usually does not take very long for a mechanic to change this out. If you have space in your garage or driveway, you can easily jack your car up (be careful doing this) with car jacks. Once the car is cooled off completely, use a wrench to remove the oil plug. Place a pan under your vehicle so the oil can dispense into this area. Once drained cap off the oil reservoir and add in fresh oil. Make sure you are adding oil from under the hood and using the dipstick to measure the proper amount that's dispensed. You can ensure the proper oil type is purchased for your vehicle by consulting employees at the automotive shop, or by finding this information in your cars manual.

Tire Rotation

Another easy car maintenance routine is rotating your tires. If you have jacks available from changing your oil, you can do this in a breeze. Ensure both axles are jacked up before removing tires. You can purchase a tree-style wrench at your local auto shop that has various size sockets if you aren't sure which size is right for your car. Start by removing the front driver's tire. Place it, along with the lugnuts to the side. Next, remove the rear passenger tire. Once it's been removed, install it back into the place where the drivers front tire was installed. Likewise, install the previous front driver's side tire where the rear passenger tire was previously installed. Similarly, repeat this same process for the front passenger tire placement with the rear driver tire placement. In 20-30 minutes you should have successfully rotated your tires, at no cost to your wallet!

Wiper Blade Change

This is one of the easiest car maintenance processes. Visit your local automotive shop or some big-box retailers. Most will have a book that informs customers which size wiper blade is correct for their vehicle. Purchase two for the front windshield. Depending upon your model type will determine if you need a rear-window blade or not. Once you are home, remove the previous wiper via snaps located on the wiper blade arm. If you are unsure, your new blades will have instructions on this. Within 10-15 minutes you will have new wiper blades without having to hire a mechanic.

Other Problematic Signs

Remember, if you have many signs or issues with your vehicle, it might be wise to conduct additional research. There are several models of vehicles that are classified as lemon's because of multiple repairs, or recalls that are placed on the vehicle. Check out your state laws to see if your vehicle is deemed a lemon before spending more money on expensive repairs.

February 22, 2018

Americas Windiest City

Boston has some very windy days

Boston is America???s Windiest City

Did you know that the Windiest city in the United States is the City of Boston?

This chart shows the average speed in a year duration:

Average Wind Speed United States

As you can see Boston beats Chicago - which has the name as "America's Windiest City"

Windies Location
Corner of Huntington Ave and Belvedere Street gets to be really windy at times.

Windiest Location in the City

One of the Windiest spots is at the corner of Huntington Ave and Belvedere Street. On one side of the intersection is the Prudential Shopping Center and the other side is the Christian Science Center Plaza.

The area is very Windy because of the tall buildings and the proximity to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

This is an area where you???ll want to lower your umbrella in a rainstorm. I have seen plenty of broken umbrellas because of the strong winds. Certainly, a good place to test wind resistance umbrellas.

October 15, 2017

Cloudwards Data Recovery Review

One of the worst thing that can happen to a computer user is a failed hard drive. It always happens at the worst possible time. Usually at the tail end of writing a term paper or before the big presentation is due.

Murphy Law2017

Recovering from a failed hard drive can be a painful and very expensive experience. There are plenty of places that will offer data recovery but at a very hefty price. Having a good backup plan can make it easy, but unfortunately, it isn't properly planned until well after you experience the computer startup failure.

Finding the Right Solution

The technical team over at recently selected Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue as their choice for the best Data Recovery for failed hard drives. They recently wrote up a very detailed review of the software solution and why they selected it as their top pick for consumers and businesses. Data Rescue is available for PC and Mac.

Pro Soft Monitor

Read all about the Data Recovery Software review on Cloudwards website:

At the End of the Day

If you have a computer hard drive that is about 5 years old, you should consider getting a good backup today. My computer crashed earlier this year and it was a hard lesson learned. A good back up, offline or online, would have made starting off 2017 so much easier.

Read the review on and find the solution that works with your needs and budget. Get your Data Recovery Software now, because you don't want to be scrambling through Google Searches to overpay for a solution later.

October 8, 2017

Hot Toys of 2017

Last Month Toy R Us come out with the Hottest Toys of the Christmas season.

So far here's what I see as the hottest toys of the year:

Note: It appears that any toy with a "surprise" is going to be a hit. That is you don't know exactly what your getting until you open it.

If any of these are on your children's shopping list, you should start going shopping now! Otherwise, you'll be spending much of December looking for stores that are getting stock.

Christmas2017 Ebay
On eBay you can find sellers that will have all the popular toys starting at $1,200.

I'll update this post as other products become "hot" due to supply and demand.

September 30, 2017

Tips For Evaluating Your Business Strategy

Business Strategy Graphic

Any type and size of business should evaluate its business strategy with regularity. Some businesses benefit from a weekly evaluation while others stay on track with monthly check-ins. Regardless of how often you evaluate your business strategy, do it consistently and don???t get behind.

Investing a little extra time every week or month can help you thrive rather than barely stay afloat. Failing to evaluate with regularity can make it harder to catch and fix an issue before it becomes a big problem for your business.

Consider the following tips for evaluating your business strategy:

Deciding What To Evaluate

Businesses, big and small, always want to (and should) evaluate the financial elements of their strategy. This means you should focus on the sales, profits, cash flows, and the return on investment.

Utilizing online tools such as an ROI Calculator (Return on Investment) can make it easier to see if your marketing plan is a good financial investment for your business. If not, you can reevaluate your current marketing plan and see if you need to consider something else.

Keep in mind that you might not evaluate certain aspects of your business strategy each time, but you should always be evaluating the financial elements of your business.

When You Should Evaluate

Setting up a schedule for evaluating your business strategy is an excellent way to stay on track and often times ahead. As mentioned earlier, you may feel that it???s necessary to take a look at your strategy on a weekly basis (especially when starting out) or once a month is more than enough.

How often you choose, be consistent. It???s important to think about evaluating your strategy when things within the business have changed. For example, once you???ve reached a business goal, it???s time to look at your strategy and work on creating another goal; this is essential to growth.

You may also want to consider more frequent evaluations when your customers change (or need to change) or when competitors force you to change your business plan.

Can You Cut Costs?

Every size of a business should look at ways to make their operation more fiscally responsible. Does this mean you should cut employee hours and positions within the company? No (unless they don???t have a purpose in the company).

When you evaluate your business plan, you will be looking at your daily, weekly, and monthly costs. Maybe you???ve been paying for a marketing service for months but have failed to see any improvement. Maybe a promising advertisement campaign fell short and actually lost you some value customer. Those are costs you can cut or at least should reconsider.

Streamline your costs to reflect your business goals and anything that fosters the growth, not things that keep it stagnant or even lose business. This can be a long and arduous step but if you stick with a regular schedule of evaluating, it shouldn???t be that difficult, and you???re less likely to experience a major financial loss.



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