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What Do Different Colors Mean

Jens Review has a great breakdown of which each colors mean

Picking the right color is essential to get the attention of the audience. Understanding the color meaning goes a long way to picking the right colors.

There are lots of websites that have good information, but recently Jen Miller over at Jen's Reviews did an extensive study of color meanings and their symbolism. It's a great reference read on understanding the reasoning to use certain colors.

Jen Review Colors

Five Things I learned from Jen Review's Color Meaning Story

  • The report reviews 10 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown, and White.
  • You'll learn about the positives and negatives meanings of each color.
  • The Red Sox colors are the color of Red - love and roses and White: the color of all things good.
  • Blue is considered the most popular color probably because Blue is all around us - the earth is made up of 70% of water. It also means trust, which is why you see companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter use it in their logos.
  • One of the colors is the color of power - find out in the study.

Great Read!

The study is a great quick read - only 2,500 words. It's a great read when trying to pick the perfect logo or trying to decide on the best background for the flyer that you're sending out.

Why trust this study? Jen Review is a great site with a lot of practical information. The writers on the site are experts in their fields. The editorial team features for Olympians, doctors, doctors and more. Content is written by experts and has been featured in many publications because of the quality of content and the content is constantly updated.



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