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Packing Cables

Organize Your Cables for Better Packing

Recently I took an overnight trip and had to bring various cables with me for a video project. I needed to make sure that I had enough cables to charge all my various camera devices.

Electronic Storage Bag

I purchased a small electronic storage bag to help organize my cables. My thought was to get something small so that I wouldn't overpack and bring a lot of cables that I wouldn't use

Cable Bag Trip

Six Things I Learned

This particular unit has ably 9 cable compartments and it seemed to be the right number of cables that I needed.

When packing, I discovered that I have too many cables that look alike. I thought that it would be a problem when it came time to find a cable, as I would be confused about picking the right one. I ended up selecting different color cables to make my life easier later.

I packed some MicroUSB adapters for lightning cables and USB-C. I didn't end up using these but thought they would be handy to have - just in case I needed them.

I think for future trips it would be better to actually label the cables. That way I know what cable is for what. It would help figure out if I actually have enough cables. I thought I wouldn't need to do that, but looking back it would make it easier to certify that I have a cable for a particular device - instead of thinking I do.

The storage bag has sockets to keep the cables organized. I don't really need twist ties to keep the cable together.

I am considering buying another electronic storage bag just for audio cables. I think it would help find particular cables. The bag comes in black and green. Having two colors will make it easy to find the cable category I need.

Great Investment

A electronic storage bag is very useful to have when traveling with various cable types. It makes it easy to find a particular cable instead of searching for the bottom of the bag.



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