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Wonido Indoor TV Antenna

Really cool TV Antenna that is very compact

Last month we realized that we needed a digital HDTV Antenna for our Living Room TV. We recently cut the cord - again - the story behind that is a blog post for another day.

The digital HDTV Antenna that we had in the room was needed in the home office. We wanted something different than a typical flat antenna that would go in a window.

Wonido Desktop
Wonido Mobile

Wonido Antenna

We found the Wonido Digital HDTV Antenna. It seems to be the perfect device. It's a small antenna that could be put on a shelf and not look bad. It has a range of 150 miles - which is pretty impressive for a small device. (I remember seeing large TV antennas in the attic that didn't have that range.)

Installation was simple. Simply plug in the antenna into the TV and then plug in the USB for power. We plugged the USB into the TV instead of a power jack because it was easier to use the TV.

Once connected we told the TV to scan for available "Over The Air" channels. The Wonido device is currently sitting behind the TV.

We got 44 channels via the DTC air. Which is pretty good because the FTC website says that we should be getting only 20 channels. The weakest signal being 63 miles away.

Wonido Channel Scan Desktop
Wonido Channel Scan Mobile

Samsung TV Scan

The above screenshot is from a Samsung TV.

The "Air" category will always be zero since the FCC removed that category in July of 2020. All broadcasts are now over the "DTV Air."

TV Plus is content from Samsung and not something that is from the Wonido Antenna. This is a free ad-supported Smart TV video service. We get instant access to news, sports, entertainment, and more. Samsung provides a list of all the available channels on their website.

Misc Notes

I think if we move the antenna we may get a better signal range. The TV might be blocking the signal strength.

The TV signal is a bit weak on stormy days. We see some delays while watching the news during a snowstorm. It isn't that bad and maybe moving the device will minimize the distraction.

I noticed during the Super Bowl this year that the audio wasn't aligned to the video. I noticed this more during the halftime show.

The Wonido Antenna is highly recommend and for $27.99 it is worth the price. You can find the Wonido device on



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