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Disney/Amazon Shopping Ideas

Here's a quick list of eight things to stock up on for the trip to Disney World. So if you're on and looking for ideas on what to get before your trip, here's some things to think about.

I have found these to be useful things to purchase before a trip:

  • USB External Battery Charger - If you plan on using your phone for taking pictures and video, you'll need to charge up your device at some point during the day. Having a USB External Battery charger will extend your smartphone battery life. Note: many DLSR cameras can also get recharged using a USB device.
  • Microfiber Cleaner - Clean up your phone and DSLR screen. Makes sense to have a nice clean cloth for your trip.
  • SD Card Reader - If you have a DSLR camera, it's a good idea to backup your card at night. You can use a WD My Passport or an RAVPower Filehub. Download and backup the data on the SD card. An RAVPower Filehub useful when you want to post some of your quality photos to your favorite social media.
  • PURELL Hand Sanitizer - Travel Sized Jelly Wrap Portable Sanitizer Bottles are a great thing to add to any travel bag. The Jelly Wrap makes it easy to attach to any bag.
  • Portable Universal Wrap Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer - Keep all your cables and power chargers in one place. Sure you could use a ziplock bag, but with the travel organizer, you can label the cables so you know exactly what your bring. In addition, you'll know if you're missing any cables when you're packing up.
  • Portable Poncho - Buy a nice looking travel poncho just in case you need it.
  • Nylon Laundry Bag - You may have to do some laundry while on vacation. Don't be caught short going to the laundry area without a laundry bag! (Wash the bag with the laundry so you can bring the clean clothes to the room.)

What about a Wide Angle Lens?

One of the things I was considering purchasing was a Wide Angle lens for my iPhone so that I could take nice wide angle photos.

I decided not to get a lens because I found that Affinity Photo does a great job in stitching pictures. I simply take 3 or 4 pictures simultaneously and then stitch them together when I get back home.

In addition, I could always just use a Pano shot if I want to capture more of the photo. (Note: You don't need to do a full range in a Pano shot. You can stop it at any point. The image won't end up in the Pano folder on your phone, but you'll still get a nice picture.

Winter Snow
Example of stitching multiple photos.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Pano photo size is 11,668 x 3,884. My example created a 11,277 x 2,498, slightly smaller than a Pano, but the quality is very good compare to a typical Pano rendering.

I didn't want to have to carry around the extra lens and connect it whenever I wanted to use it. It's one less thing that I wanted to carry, and one less thing that I could lose.



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