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Shopping Ideas for iPhone 6s Plus Users

Do you know someone that recently got their hands on a brand new iPhone 6s Plus and looking for some gift ideas for Christmas? This is my suggested list of Twenty things that will anyone with an iPhone 6s Plus will be happy with this Christmas Season.

  • Joby Camera Stand - If this is their first generation of iPhone Plus phone then chances are they will need a new tripod adapter. Joby Camera Stand is the best one to get.
  • Extra Lightning Cable - Sure you can get the premium Apple branded cable or a cheap ‘Amazon Basics’ cable. This year go fancy and get a braided one from an eBay (Whoa!). They are cheaper than the Apple Store and they look much nicer. In addition, a Lightning cable retractable cable is a good stocking stuffer idea for the whole family.
  • iPhone 6s Plus table stand - Try the Anker stand, I have one at work and I really like it. It's completely adjustable and works fine having the phone in any orientation. Note: It is a bit heavy for travel.
  • Extra USB Battery Charger - Any USB charging device above 3000 mAh is practical, personally I think having the 6000mAh is enough for a day when your aways from a charge station. (Think Disney World or watching a movie on a long flight)
  • Multi USB Port Car Charger - Perfect for the commuter, make sure to get a charger with two ports so that the passenger can charge up too!
  • Bluetooth Car Adapter- If they have an older model car, having a BlueTooth adapter will make it easy to play their music over the car stereo.
  • Cloud Storage Yearly Membership - There’s lots of great options here; iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Cloud Storage. Chances are they are looking for a place to store photos.
  • Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Dock - Useful for home or at work, however not compatible with all covers. You can find one on the Apple store.
  • Apple Gift Card - Gift cards are not always the thoughtful gifts, but I am sure your iPhone 6s Plus friend has some songs or movies in mind that they would like to have. You gift card could help them take action on it!
  • CD Storage - Chances are if your iPhone 6s Plus friend has been into music for a long time. They probably have a large CD collection they aren’t using. Help them be better organized with a nice CD storage container. You can fine nice ones at the Container Store or Target.
  • iPhone 6s Plus Sleeve - Something to protect the iPhone 6s Plus when traveling. Check out some creative ideas from etsy
  • ThingCharger or Equivalent - The ThingCharger is very cool, but it won't arrive before Christmas. There are plenty of good solutions to convert an ordinary plug to a powerful USB Charging Station.
  • Book on taking Digital Pictures - Lots of options on iphone photography school website.
  • Stylus pen - If your friend lives in a cold climate area, don't get a touch screen glove. Instead get a nice stylus pen and a nice pair of gloves. (Levenger has some good Stylus Pen!) The logic behind this idea is because your limited on the quality of the touch screen gloves. They won't keep you warm as a nice pair of gloves from LLBean would.
  • An Apple App - You could buy a single app that you think they will really enjoy. You can do this by going to an Apple Retail store and getting a gift card for the exact amount of the App. You could always get one at CoinStar too.
  • iPhone 6s Plus Dust Plug - Keep foreign objects out of the charging port. RadTech has some Portectorz.
  • Head phones - If they are still using the default headphones that came with the phone, how about something different.
  • Remote Picture Device with Extra Batteries - If your friend likes to take selfies this is perfect. Get one with extra batteries available is a bonus. eBay is a good place to start
  • Electronic Travel Pouch - If your friend is a traveler you can buy a custom bag to keep all their electronics in. (Cable, Chargers, USB hubs) Check etsy and eBay for some cool options.
  • Screen Cleaner - A nice small microfiber cloth is basically all you need.



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