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Stop and Shop Self Checkout Belt

Today we did our weekly shopping at Stop and Shop in Framingham, and decided to use the self-checkout since the lines were smaller.

As part of the checkout procedure, you ring up the merchandise and then put it on the belt where it gets weighted to verify the item. The item then moves to the bagging area. You are not allowed to touch the product when it's on the verification belt.

We purchased several Kool-Aid small packets, and we noticed that several packets were going under the rollers in the bagging area.

We informed the cashier assistant and they told us that we could go get another one or she would take the item off our order. It seemed weird that she didn't attempt to retrieve the item. We opted to have the item removed from our order.

A few minutes later we were stopped because of a coupon error. While waiting for the self-service cashier, we looked at the checkout belt, and wondered if it could be moved.

Turns out it can be lifted, and it was easy to get the merchandise. I got it, and we rung the item back in.

Loading Area Map
Map of the Loading Area at the Self Checkout. Simply lift the area between the black belt and the loading area to retrieve items that might have fallen in.

Not sure why they don't know about lifting the bagging area belt. There were several other items that fell through, including a Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing envelope.