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Why get a GoPro 7 Silver if you have an iPhone XS Max?

If you have an iPhone, why do you need a GoPro?

Seems kind of silly to get another digital camera if you have an iPhone XS Max - one of the hottest digital devices. Here are five reasons why you should get a GoPro even if you have the iPhone XS Max.

Five Reasons to get an GoPro 7 Silver

On the Go Videos

Don't risk damaging your expensive iPhone XS Max when filming action shots.

For Example: If you want to take videos from an off-road bike ride in Vermont, skiing down a double-diamond slope at Snowmass, or snorkeling at Baby Beach in Aruba - you don't want to put your $1,000+ phone at risk.

Capture Multiple Scenes

You can use the GoPro footage as background in video storyboards. Having a second camera can help capture the mood of the crowd or just a different angle of the event.

For example: When you're looking for a great transition shot for a school function, you can use the crowd cheering or watching the action.

Cold Weather Time Lapse

If you want to take timelapse of cold weather - forget about using the iPhone XS Max. According to Apple, iPhones have an operating temperature between 32- and 95- Fahrenheit, that's 0- and 35- Celsius. So if the temp is below that range, your iPhone XS Max will turn off.

For Example: Capturing the morning snowstorm on a cold winter day in time-lapse mode isn't possible using the iPhone XS Max. The camera will turn off when it's been out in the freezing cold - and you'll miss hours of perfect opportunity.

Save Battery on Vacations

Take videos using the GoPro and not use up valuable battery time on your iPhone XS Max. Save time with your camera

For Example: Capturing the final minutes of your vacation at Aruba on the GoPro saves battery time on your phone to figure out the flight information at the airport.

Kids can Have Fun

Give the GoPro to the kids so they can film their vacation from their perspective. Let them have fun without having to worry about them scratching the iPhone XS Max screen.

For Example: Let them explain what they like about the Boston Museum of Science as they go and explore new exhibits.



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