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GoPro TimeWarp allows you to break out of Warp mode

TimeWarp is a really cool effect from GoPro. It allows you to do Time-lapse with the inclusion of regular video.

TimeWarp has been available since GoPro 4, but in GoPro 9 they made some pretty cool changes.

Time-Lapse vs TimeWarp

Time-lapse is perfect for when you have a steady camera. Usually on a tripod. Perfect for the morning sunrise.

TimeWarp is used when you are in motion. This can be walking, skiing, or on a bike or car. Go Pro goes the extra mile to make sure the clip is sturdy. This is great when you want to show fast motion.

You use the TimeWarp option when your one the move.

TimeWarp Bonus

In TimeWarp mode you can break out of the warp into normal mode. This is useful when you want to describe something as your walking or if you want to pan a scene a bit slower than hyperspeed.

Make the Breakout Happen

There are two ways to take the video out of Time Lapse Mode in TimeWarp and into the "normal" mode:

  • Tap the rear screen
  • Click on the "Mode Button" otherwise known as the power button.

To put it back into TimeWarp, simply click on the screen or mode button again.

Read The Manual

You can learn more about the capabilities of TimeWarp in the GoPro Hero 9 manual. On page 34, there are some descriptions of the various settings.



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