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Classic Internet Audio in Real Audio format

Television Shows

Various TV theme songs from the 1980s and 1990s. All of these came from the TV shows.

Small WonderImagine a family having one of children being a robot, Well that was the plot for this show. Vicky was a robot that was very much human...01:03
Silver SpoonsThis show is about all the trouble a kid has living with rich parents. Somehow this really didn't represent the typical American family.01:03
Save by the BellA nice Saturday morning show that followed five people through out high school.01:04
CheersHere is the official song of Cheers, Where everybody knows your name.01:06
A Different WorldThis is the first spin off of the NBC's Cosby Show. This show aired at the same time as the Cosby show, the setting was at College and how difficult everyday life was for students.01:13
Great American HeroThis is the official theme song of the 'Great American Hero.' The theme song rocked the music charts while the TV show never was a big hit...02:00
Third Rock from the SunThis is the official theme song of the Third Rock from the Sun00:38
Funniest PeopleThis is an old show that use to run after Americans Funniest Videos.00:51
BarneyHere is the Barney Theme Song that is played before every Barney & Friends show. If you never watched the show here's your chance to hear the song...and this isn't the I Love love me.. song.00:53
21 Jump StreetThis show is about cops going undercover at several major high school to catch young criminals.00:53