Real Audio Sounds

Welcome to the Real Audio Sounds page! In order to hear the audio clips in the section you need the latest Real Audio Player. To play many of these audio sounds you need to have the DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio, which should happen automatically. Yes, these are in the Old Real Audio 3 format!

Some of these clips are being converted to HTML5 media format. If there's a particular sound that you want converted, let me know!

Cape Cod Commercials

Some classic Cape Cod Commercial from 1988 - 1989 and today.

Name Description Length
Barries Barries is a restaurant in Dennisport. This commercial promotes that this resturant is perfect for late night snacks. 00:57
Cousins Here is the commercial for Cousins The Place to be , a night club located on Yarmouth Massachusetts. 00:57
Lobster Claw Here's everyones favorite Cape Cod restaurant! This is a commercial that is currently running on all the local radio stations. 01:00
Mill Hill Club This is one of many commercials of the famous Mill Hill Club located on Route 28 in Yarmouth. 01:04
Nantucket Sound Power This commercial is all about the windmills that are currently being proposed on Nantucket Sound. They do a good job and add a little humor to the subject matter. 01:00
Pufferbellies Pufferbellies is one of the most famous night clubs on Cape Cod. Back in 1988, this was the most popular nightclub to goto on a summer night. 01:03
Tara Hotel Here is a commercial for Delauras located in the Tara Hotel in Hyannis. 01:01
Winks Here is a commercial for a retail store in Yarmouth that sells sun glasses. 01:06