Real Audio Sounds

Welcome to the Real Audio Sounds page! In order to hear the audio clips in the section you need the latest Real Audio Player. To play many of these audio sounds you need to have the DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio, which should happen automatically. Yes, these are in the Old Real Audio 3 format!

Some of these clips are being converted to HTML5 media format. If there's a particular sound that you want converted, let me know!


Most of the sounds in this category come from Northern California radio stations, such as KGO and KSFO. Occasionally I'll put a national syndicated talk show host in this category, such as Laura Ingram and Rush Limbaugh.

Name Description Length
Ask the Lawyer Here is a strange caller calling a local lawyer show on KGO in San Francisco. He never got an answer to his question. 05:28
Election Eve 2004 This is the Laura Ingram Show on Election Eve in 2004. 09:51
Melonie Morgans Son KSFO had one of their host sons say the Pledge of Allegiance on the air 01:32
Micheal Savage Here is KSFO's Micheal Savage in a parody news about NATO Kosovo attacks. 02:11
Red Skelton KSFO played a portion of the famous Red Skelton speech. 03:56
Rush Into Rush Limbaugh intro the day after the ruling of the Pledge of Allegiance 14:56
Savage Nation Michael Savage reaction to the Pledge of Allegiance ruling in 2002. 04:01
Talking to Callers This is a clip of the Laura Ingraham Show talking about why Bush should be re-elected in 2004 04:26
WQRC Intro This is a short sound byte that WQRC plays at the top of the hour. 00:30