Real Audio Sounds

Welcome to the Real Audio Sounds page! In order to hear the audio clips in the section you need the latest Real Audio Player. To play many of these audio sounds you need to have the DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio, which should happen automatically. Yes, these are in the Old Real Audio 3 format!

Some of these clips are being converted to HTML5 media format. If there's a particular sound that you want converted, let me know!

Famous Commercials

Various famous audio clips from the 1980's

Name Description Length
Bob Dole This is Bob Doles VISA commercial. This was recorded from the its national airing during the 1997 Super Bowl. 01:01
Coke Cola This is one of Coca-Colas most famous commercial of all time. Its titled: I like to teach the world to sing... This sound was requested removed by Coca-Cola!! Read the letter... 00:00
Pepsi Cola Here's one of the most famous commercials from Pepsi. This sound bite featured the Jackson 5 singing the new Pepsi Song. It was in this commerical that Michael Jackson hair caught on fire. 00:57
Wheres the Beef? This is Wendy's most famous commercial, it's titled Where's the Beef? This is one of the most recognized commercial of all time. 00:30