Real Audio Sounds

Welcome to the Real Audio Sounds page! In order to hear the audio clips in the section you need the latest Real Audio Player. To play many of these audio sounds you need to have the DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio, which should happen automatically. Yes, these are in the Old Real Audio 3 format!

Some of these clips are being converted to HTML5 media format. If there's a particular sound that you want converted, let me know!

Jordan Furniture

Classic Jordon's Furniture commercials from the 1990's.

Name Description Length
Jordan Furniture #1 Here is one of the rarest Jordan Commercial's available! This commercial announces the new MOM ride in Avon. Jordan Furniture is a Boston area local Furniture store and has some pretty creative commercials. 01:01
Jordan Furniture #2 This is what a typical Jordan's Commercial sounds like. 01:00
Jordan Furniture #3 Here is a winners of the Jordan's Furniture Homemade Commercial contest. If you never hear any of Jordan's Furniture you should try the other two sounds that are available here... 01:04